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Is the National Theatre in the congestion zone?

Is the National Theatre in the congestion zone?

There is no drop-off point outside the theatre, however taxis and drivers may deliver passengers behind the theatre on Upper Ground or Belvedere Road. The National falls within London’s Congestion Charge Zone, which incurs a daily cost of £11.50 between 7am and 6pm. Travel outside of these hours is free.

Where is the National Theatre stage door?

Taxis: The recommended taxi drop-off points for all three theatres are on Stage Door Avenue, which is the private road on the east of the building, between the National Theatre and IBM.

How many people can the National Theatre hold?

1,150 people
It can accommodate 1,150 people in its fan-shaped auditorium, and 2,000 years of drama on its open stage. Two main tiers of steeply raked seats − flanked by side-banks on a higher level − sweep down to the stage. In spite of its size, the Olivier has a concentrated intimacy.

How many stages are there in National Theatre?

three stages
The current building was designed by architects Sir Denys Lasdun and Peter Softley and structural engineers Flint & Neill and contains three stages, which opened individually between 1976 and 1977.

Which zones are congestion charge?

London’s congestion charge zone currently covers the following areas:

  • St. James’s.
  • St. Pancras.
  • Euston.
  • Barbican.
  • Waterloo.
  • Borough.
  • City of London.
  • Clerkenwell.

How much is parking in London?

Monday to Friday 7am-7pm with the first hour free

Vehicle Type per 15 minutes per hour
Electric or hydrogen or hybrid £1.10 £4.40
Petrol vehicles registered from 2005 £1.50 £6.00
Diesel vehicles registered from 2015 £1.50 £6.00
Other vehicles £2.00 £8.00

How do I contact the National Theatre?

If you still are experiencing difficulties purchasing tickets, please contact the Box Office on 020 7452 3000 and a member of our team will be happy to help you to book online.

Who runs the National Theatre?

Successors to Peter Hall as Director of the National Theatre have been Richard Eyre from 1988 to 1997, Trevor Nunn from 1997 to 2003, Nicholas Hytner from 2003 to 2015, and Rufus Norris from April 2015.

How much do National Theatre actors get paid?

The average salary for a an Actor is £10 per hour in United Kingdom, which is 76% lower than the average National Theatre salary of £41 per hour for this job.

Why are the National Theatre so important to the performing arts?

The National Theatre’s mission is to make world-class theatre, for everyone. The National Theatre empowers artists and craftspeople to make world-leading work, investing in talent and developing new productions with a range of theatre companies at our New Work Department. …

Why is the National Theatre special?

At the National, we make world-class theatre that is entertaining, challenging and inspiring. And we make it for everyone. We aim to reach the widest possible audience, to be open, inclusive and diverse, and as national as possible. We stage a broad range of productions in London and tour extensively across the UK.

Who works at the National Theatre?

Joint Chief Executives

  • Deputy Artistic Director. Clint Dyer.
  • Associates. Ola Animashawun. Paul Arditti. Paule Constable. Dominic Cooke. Simon Godwin. Katrina Lindsay. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Tom Morris.
  • Music Associate. Marc Tritschler.
  • Resident Director. Emily Lim.
  • Peter Hall Bursary for Directors. Ned Bennett. Ola Ince. Nancy Medina.

How much does the National Theatre car park cost?

National Theatre car park hourly rate are as follows: 1 Up to 2 hours £7 2 Up to 4 hours £11 3 Up to 8 hours £16 4 Up to 12 hours £24 5 Up to 24 hours £28

Where do you pay for tickets at the National Theatre?

Public holidays: £8.50 all day, no validation required. Lost tickets will be charged at full daily rate. There are four payment machines: one in the car park near the entrance to the theatre, that takes cash and cards, one in the car park towards the BFI exit, and two in the basement lobby that take cards.

When is the basement of the National Theatre open?

Car Park – National Theatre basement, accessed from Upper Ground. Opening times: 6am to 12 midnight (Mon – Fri) and 7am to 12 midnight (Sat and Sun) Access users please note: when the National Theatre building is closed there is no step-free access from the car park.

When is the National Theatre on the south bank open?

Opening times: 6am to 12 midnight (Mon – Fri) and 7am to 12 midnight (Sat and Sun) Access users please note: when the National Theatre building is closed there is no step-free access from the car park.