Is the Raptor 660 a good quad?

Is the Raptor 660 a good quad?

The Yamaha Raptor 660 wowed many consumers with its list of features and overall performance. However, the quad was just almost perfect. The Raptor is a great purchase and will serve you many years on the trail. But for meticulous buyers, it is best to take a closer look at both sides of this vehicle.

How fast does a Raptor 660r go?

Top speed of both is limited electronically at 75 mph (but modifiable). Acceleration is simply a function of rider weight with the 700 being just a bit quicker, all else equal.

How much HP does a 660 Raptor have?

So that means that mine is arround 60 hp- JE Pistons 105mm piston, sport hotcam (cam shaft), dynojet kit carburetors, fmf power bomb exhaust generation, cdi, k&n air filter. That`s nice, having on mind that stock 660 has 35 hp, the 727 gets 30 hp more.

What is faster a Raptor 700 or a YFZ 450?

In an all-out drag race, the biggerbore Raptor 700 is faster. The quicker revving YFZ-R will get out of the hole quicker, but the massive torque and taller gearing of the 700 will slowly walk away from the race-ready 450. When it comes to climbing the biggest hills, the Raptor offers a similar advantage.

Whats faster YFZ 450 or Raptor 700?

When did the Yamaha Raptor 660 come out?

Due to this pressing need and the tight competition among companies, Yamaha gave birth to the Yamaha Raptor 660. The Yamaha Raptor 660 was the first big-bore sport ATV sold by Yamaha from 2001 to 2005. Also known as the sport quad king, this vehicle had dual carburetors, a five-valve cylinder, and a racy aerodynamic design.

What are the trims of the Raptor 660?

It consists of four trims of the same displacement – the YFM660RP, YFM660RS, YFM660RT, and YFM660RSET. Not only did the Raptor 660 begin a whole new category, but it also inspired the creation of 700-cc and higher-class behemoths.

What kind of ATV is the Raptor 90?

2021 YAMAHA Raptor 90 WHITE, Calling New Riders; ; With electric start, reverse and legendary Raptor styling, this youth ATV is pure fun for riders… 2021 YAMAHA Raptor 90, Calling New Riders; ; With electric start, reverse and legendary Raptor styling, this youth ATV is pure fun for riders 10-ye…

What kind of oil does a Raptor 660 use?

Recommended engine oil for the Raptor is Yamalube 4 – SAE 5W-30, 10W-30, 20W-40 (with API service classification of SG or higher and with no anti-friction modifiers). Exterior – The 660 has a steel tube frame (with an 8° caster angle and 47-mm trail) and plastic body.