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Is the TC venture a good rifle?

Is the TC venture a good rifle?

While there was a little trigger creep, it felt reasonably crisp – no problems there. So the Thompson Center Venture boasts impressive attributes on paper: an ergonomic stock, short-throw bolt, easily adjustable trigger pressure to suit most shooters, and a guaranteed accuracy of 1MOA.

What is TC Weathershield?

According to TC Arms sight the new Weathershield coating on its barrels and frames is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Wow that’s tough. We are starting to see the Weathershield coatings in Thompson Centers’ Encore line up, and that has brought about a variety of questions.

What calibers does the TC venture come in?

T/C Venture II Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Caliber
.270 WIN Weather Shield/Black Composite w/Hogue® Panels .270 WIN
.300 Win Mag Weather Shield/Black Composite w/Hogue® Panels .300 Win Mag
.308 WIN Weather Shield/Black Composite w/Hogue® Panels .308 WIN
223/5.56 Weather Shield/Black Composite w/Hogue® Panels 223/5.56

Who makes Thompson Center rifles?

Smith & Wesson
Thompson/Center also manufactures muzzle-loading rifles and was credited with creating the resurgence of their use in the 1970s….Thompson/Center Arms.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Springfield, Massachusetts , U.S.
Products rifles, pistols
Parent Smith & Wesson

Does Thompson Center make a 338 magnum rifle?

With a drilled/tapped design, the Thompson/Center Venture Standard . 338 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle is equipped to accommodate optics. The firearm boasts a rifled barrel and a steel receiver, as well as a synthetic stock with rubber panels. Plus, this rifle has a manual safety.

Is Thompson Center firearms still in business?

Thompson/Center Arms’ loyal consumers should rest assured that they will continue to receive the world-class firearms, accessories, and customer service support that the brand has been known for since its founding in 1965. …

Does Thompson Center still make the dimension?

Currently, the Dimension is offered with four different-size bolts, accommodating 10 different cartridges, from . 204 Ruger up to . 300 Win.

Are Thompson contenders legal?

Thompson is a federally licensed sporting arms manufacturer. It has designed and manufactures for hunting, target shooting, and other sporting purposes a single shot pistol with a 10 inch barrel called a “Contender”. Federal Law prohibits use with barrel less than 16 inches” on each carbine shoulder stock.