Is there free parking in Solihull?

Is there free parking in Solihull?

Parking in Solihull is free for two hours in most supermarkets, shopping centre, and station car parks. These parking spaces are, however, for customers only. Mel Square is the biggest council-operated car park in the town centre with more than nine hundred spaces.

How much does it cost to park in Touchwood Solihull?

Monday – Sunday

Up to 2 hours £2.70
2-3 hours £3.50
3-4 hours £4.40
4-5 hours £5.20
5-6 hours £6.20

Is disabled parking free at Solihull Hospital?

We have plenty of disabled parking spaces across the borough and Blue Badge holders can park for free in pay and display car parks as well as using bays marked for disabled people at: A34 Stratford Road (service roads between Olton Road and Solihull Road)

Who owns Mell Square Solihull?

Solihull Council
Solihull Council takes control of Mell Square in move to secure future vision for Town Centre. Solihull Council has acquired ownership of the Mell Square holding company, which includes the ground lease interests and freeholds of a number of key commercial town centre properties.

How long can you park in Morrisons Solihull?

The free parking at Morrisons in Solihull has been reduced from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours.

Is John Lewis parking free?

The John Lewis car park provides 700 parking spaces and is free after 6pm. At John Lewis we offer our own credit card, issued by John Lewis Financial Services Limited.

Do you have to pay for parking at Solihull Hospital?

Parking at Solihull Hospital 30 mins – Free (drop off and pick up only) up to 2 hours – £3.10. up to 4 hours – £5.10. up to 6 hours – £7.20.

Is parking free at Good Hope Hospital?

New parking charges have been introduced on Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull hospital sites from 1 May 2018 which will mean the majority of our visitors now benefit from cheaper parking. Parking for up to 30 minutes also remains free.

What shops are in Mell Square?

  • Argos. 13 Poplar Way, Mell Square,
  • Barclays Bank. 19-21 Mill Lane, Mell Square,
  • Boots. 7 Mell Square. Solihull,
  • Boots The Opticians. 57 Mill Lane. Solihull,
  • Brides of Solihull. 686-688 Warwick Road, Mell Square,
  • Bridge. 10/12 Drury Lane. Mell Square,
  • British Heart Foundation. 11 Poplar Way, Solihull.
  • Café Isabella. 43 Drury Lane.

Is Solihull good for shopping?

Solihull has a range of shopping centres across the borough, each with their own unique charm and offering. Whether you are looking for high street names in Touchwood or independent boutiques in Shirley and Knowle, there is something for everyone.

How long can I stay in Morrisons car park?

three hours
Customers are now able to park in the Morrisons car park between 5pm and 11pm with an extended limit of three hours – and not a penalty in sight.

What time does Morrisons open in Solihull?

Most Morrisons stores open from 7am to 10pm (or 11pm), but it’s better to check store locator for local store’s hours.

Is there a car park at Mell Square?

Bicycle parking is provided in Mell Square and Mell Square Car Park. Parent and child parking is available at Marks & Spencer Car Park (Level 2). There are a number of other car parks nearby.

Where is Mell Square in Solihull West Midlands?

Mell Square is located off the M42 via junction 5, follow the signs to Solihull town centre. Alternatively take the A41 from Birmingham into Mell Square. Regular bus services connect Solihull to most of the West Midlands. Mell Square is a leisurely ten minute walk from Solihull Railway Station.

Where can I Park in Solihull town centre?

Parking is available in Solihull town centre at the following car parks. car parks. By choosing a Park Mark Safer Parking facility you are visiting a car park that has been checked by the Police and has measures in place in order to create a safer place for you and your vehicle.

Where are the designated Mark car parks in Solihull?

Safety-wise, certain car parks in Solihull are designated Park Mark car parks which means the facility has been vetted by the police and has been deemed a safe environment for both you and your vehicle. Where: Warwick Road, B91 3HW