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Is UAE open to Sri Lanka?

Is UAE open to Sri Lanka?

All passengers with a valid UAE residence visa are allowed to travel to and through Dubai from India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Uganda, subject to below conditions. All passengers arriving to Dubai must comply with the following: Passengers must complete a COVID‑19 PCR test on arrival in Dubai.

Can I go to Dubai from Sri Lanka now?

Passengers carrying passports issued by several countries including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria or Uganda can enter Dubai with tourist visas if they have not entered or been to these countries in the last 14 days, flydubai said on its website.

Who is the Ambassador of Sri Lanka in UAE?

Malraj De Silva
Upon the invitation extended to all Sri Lankans in the UAE by Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the UAE Malraj De Silva, requesting for donations of medical equipment and monetary […]

How can I renew my Sri Lankan passport in UAE?


  1. A duly filled application form.
  2. Three passport size pictures with white background (size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm).
  3. Current original passport.
  4. Copies of passport pages (2, 3, 4 and 5) and your valid UAE visa.
  5. Original Sri Lankan National NIC and copy.
  6. Original Birth Certificate and copy.

Who can enter UAE now?

Travelling to the rest of the UAE Citizens of all countries can visit the UAE for tourism, if they are fully vaccinated with one of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. They must undergo a rapid PCR test at the airport on arrival. The previous rules for unvaccinated, including exempted categories, remain in place.

Can UAE residents fly back to Dubai?

All UAE residents can now travel to Dubai without GDRFA or ICA approval except when travelling from the following countries: Bangladesh. India. Nigeria.

Can I travel from Sri Lanka to UAE?

GDRFA or ICA approval is not required for tourists travelling to the UAE. Passengers arriving from the following countries must follow specific protocols: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia.

When Dubai will open for Sri Lanka?

The United Arab Emirates will lift a ban on transit passengers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and African countries on Aug. 5, and open its borders to people from those nations who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

How can I go Sri Lanka?

Travel Options Bandaranaike International Airport is the only airport located in the capital of Sri Lanka – Colombo. There are direct flights all over the world but mainly from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. If you’re flying from India, there are direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

How much is a 1 day passport?

Applying for a same-day passport this way will cost $110 for the application fee, $35 for the execution fee and $60 for the expedited service fee for a total of $195. This does not include expenses for travel, parking, passport photo and other items that can increase the total cost of expediting a passport.

How much is a Sri Lankan passport?

Accordingly, the fee for issuing a normal passport has been increased from Rs. 3000 to Rs 3,500 while the current fee for one-day service has been raised from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

How long is quarantine in UAE?

This is as per rules issued on13 April 2021. Residents and visitors must take an RT-PCR test upon arrival at Sharjah’s airport and quarantine themselves until they receive the results. If the result is positive, you must stay in isolation for 14 days and follow the instructions of Ministry of Health and Prevention.

How to apply for tourist visa in Sri Lanka?

Enhancing the passenger satisfaction levels of individual processes at the Airport Visa to be applied online E-Tourist Visa  facility for Sri Lankan Nationals Nomination Form for PBSA 2019 A Bill on NRI marriages EAM’s Messages (English & Hindi) – Passport Seva Divas: 24-25 June, 2019.

Where is the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka?

Welcome to the Official Website of the High Commission of India, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Welcome to High Commission of India, Colombo, Sri Lanka Sitemap Contact Skip to main content Screen Reader Access Menu Home About Us High Commissioner India House Former High Commissioners Holidays Contact Us Our Posts in Sri Lanka AHC, Kandy CGI, Jaffna

Who is the current president of Sri Lanka?

State visit of President HE Gotabaya Rajapaksa to India (November 28-30, 2019) State visit of President HE Gotabaya Rajapaksa to India (November 28-30, 2019) State visit of President HE Gotabaya Rajapaksa to India (November 28-30, 2019)

What is the relationship between India and Sri Lanka?

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