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Should I lie for Bujold the unworthy?

Should I lie for Bujold the unworthy?

You don’t even need to lie… just don’t tell anyone else what you heard here.” Regardless of your next choice, the quest will end, with no reward given. If you tell her that you can’t let her lead Thirsk based on a lie she will draw her weapon and say: “I was afraid you might say that.

What happens to Bujold?

The Dragonborn can either agree to keep what happened at the barrow a secret, thus allowing Bujold to remain leader, or refuse, forcing Bujold to have to fight the Dragonborn to keep them from telling the truth to Kuvar and the others, resulting in her death.

Can you lead Thirsk Mead Hall?

Go to Thirsk Mead Hall and kill the Rieklings. Speak to Bujold afterwards. She says that she needs to speak to Hrothmund in order to receive his blessing to lead the warriors. She has previouslyreceived the blessing, when she became the Chief, but it is apparantly neccescary for her to do so again.

Where is Bujold’s retreat in Skyrim?

Bujold’s Retreat is a camp of Nords exiled from Thirsk Mead Hall by rieklings.

Should you tell Kuvar the truth?

Kuvar becomes the de facto leader of Thirsk and offers training. Kuvar offers training. Telling the truth to Kuvar will cause him to become upset. Regardless of whether Kuvar is angry and ashamed about his wife being exiled or angry at the Dragonborn for killing her, he will be unwilling to have a conversation.

Where is Thirsk Mead Hall Skyrim?

Lake Fjalding
The Thirsk Mead Hall or Thirsk is a massive mead hall located on the eastern coast of Lake Fjalding, which is situated on the Felsaad Coast of Solstheim, Morrowind. Thirsk is one of the few Nordic settlements, and was founded by a tribe that strayed away from the Skaal tribe of Nords.

How do you get a Riekling follower?

Once the Dragonborn becomes an honorary Riekling Chief by finishing the above quest, the Rieklings from Thirsk Mead Hall can be recruited as followers.

How do I get Hrothmund’s AXE in Skyrim?

The axe is part of a miscellaneous quest around the Mead Hall in Thirsk. However, although miscellaneous it is dependent on you reaching a specific point in the main quest. Even then you can’t get the axe, only touch it. The amulet beside it is part of an incidental quest starting in Ald Ruhn.

Where does Bujold the unworthy live in Skyrim?

As a result, the comfortable residents of the hall never saw the Riekling attack coming and the group now lives in exile in the remote camp Bujold’s Retreat, east of the hall. Bujold will ask for your help to retake Thirsk, although it is your choice if they deserve it.

What does Bujold the unworthy tell the dragonborn?

If the Dragonborn finds Bujold’s Retreat and talks to Bujold the Unworthy, she will tell them how a tribe of Rieklings took over the Thirsk Mead Hall and how she and the others have been staying in her camp ever since. She also goes on to say that her crew have not attempted to take back Thirsk Mead Hall.

What did Bujold do at the mead hall?

Afterwards, Bujold decides to start a new tradition at the mead hall and go against Hrothmund’s wishes.

Where does Bujold the unworthy find her husband?

Upon arrival at Bujold’s Retreat, Bujold the Unworthy will be in the middle of a conversation with her husband, Kuvar . “It won’t be that easy to get rid of the Rieklings, Kuvar.”