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Top 5 Live Mystery Puzzle Games: Escape Rooms, Co-op Apps, and More

Top 5 Live Mystery Puzzle Games: Escape Rooms, Co-op Apps, and More

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Do you love solving mysteries? Were games like “Clue” and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” some of your favorite games to play? If so, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are plenty of real-life mystery games waiting for someone like you to solve them!

A mystery puzzle awaits you from one location to the next. But do you know where these locations lie? Fortunately, that’s one mystery that we’ve already solved for you.

Here are 5 mystery puzzle games that you can play in real life!

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular due to the excitement and adrenaline rush that the players are exposed to. If you think you’ve got what it takes to solve the mystery and crack the code to your freedom, then schedule a date and time to visit an Escape Room near you!

Be sure to bring your friends and family so you can show them up with your mystery-solving skills. And it also might be a good idea to have them around when the puzzle gets tough. It takes a lot of teamwork to make it out.

If not, you might be locked in the room for good!

2. Mystery Dinners

Mystery Dinners are great attractions to visit. And because of their popularity, chances are you can find one within driving distance from your house. These dinners are a great experience to enjoy with several friends and family members.

They put a mysterious spin on normal dinner and show venues. But don’t feel let down if there’s not a Mystery Dinner show near you. Try one of these murder mystery games at home!

3. Smoky Mountain Mystery

When traveling to the Smoky Mountains, you’ll want to hit up the Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show. The Smoky Mountains rely on you to solve the great mysteries of the Smokies! If you pay close attention and gather all the clues, you’ll be sure to solve the murder by the end of the night!

And when your food is devoured and the murder case is solved, lace up your hiking shoes and continue the adventure on a hike through the mountains.

4. Mystery Towns

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Mystery Towns is an exciting way to explore the neighborhood. Mystery Towns takes Victoria and transforms it into a real-life mystery puzzle game. Here you’ll need between 2-4 players and one smartphone to complete the task.

As you make your way through the city solving clues, you’ll learn about the culture, local favorites, and the city’s icons. Check with apps like Groupon or sites like Living Social to see what scavenger hunt games are available in your area or travel destination area. Then grab your smartphone, and you’re all set!

5. Save the Museum 

Whether it’s enjoying a stroll through Central Park or heading over to Time Square, there’s always something to do while in New York. And mystery puzzles are definitely one of those things!

Located inside the Museum of Intrigue within Destiny USA in New York, Save the Museum is an interaction mystery-solving puzzle including real-life actors. You can play solo or grab some friends as you try to find all the clues and save the museum! There are several different stories to choose from.

And each one is geared towards a different level of difficulty. So once you’ve solved one story, consider coming back again to solve a more difficult one!

Can You Solve these Mystery Puzzle Games?

It’s time to put your detective skills to the test! Try out these 5 mystery puzzle games and find out if you’re clever enough to solve the mystery!

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