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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps

Wondering which are the Top 5 Music Streaming Application for the Android devices. Well, there are quite a lot of online Music Streaming Application on the Internet but not all of them serve the Purpose which you are looking for. So stick with us on this article till the end and we will discuss briefly the Top 5 music streaming apps.

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps


The top rated music streaming application on the internet is Spotify which serves the purpose to their users. The top features of this application are Millions of World-Wide Songs, Ads-Free content, High Quality Streaming & Downloading quality, Works fine in any network condition, Create your own playlist and share among your friends. However, one has to purchase to their Subscription plan to enjoy all the mentioned and more features of the app. Free features has various restrictions which could intrupt your music streaming experience. But if you do not want to purchase a subscription, you can try out Spotify Hacked APK.

Pandora One

The Second most rated music streaming application on the internet is Pandora one APK which has the similar features of Spotify but due to its Service which is restricted to only United States, it’s on the 2nd place. The app provides ads free songs, millions of English songs, high quality streaming and downloading quality upto 320kbps, unlimited skips. But yes, you will need a subscription plan to enjoy these features. However, free features include music streaming in low quality and skips through the songs are limited.

Apple Music

One of the top rated and on the 3rd place application is Apple Music. We know that Apple provides quality service in every field to their users and yes, this is also applicable here. It also offers millions of world wide songs, ads free content, on screen Lyrics, download and listen offline, connect to various Apple devices and much more. The application supports all the apple devices from Apple watch to Mac. Also the android users can enjoy this service. Premium subscription plans aren’t too high as compared to Spotify & Pandora. Currently they are offering ₹49/month plan for students with first 3months service.

Amazon Prime Music

We know Amazon is the leading online shopping website all over the world. It has expanded its service to Amazon Prime Music & Prime Video. Prime Music over millions of songs available all over the world which can played online & offline after download. This app not only includes Songs but also includes Theme songs, notification music, etc. You need to purchase Amazon Music Prime Subscription to avail its service which can be used on all the Amazon Echo devices including Fire Stick, Alexa, etc.

Jio Saavan

The Saavan pro apk which is now Jio Saavan is an Indian Music Streaming Application. This is the best till date Indian Music application which has Millions of English and Indian songs (Including all the Indian languages). With premium, one can enjoy ads free content, High quality streaming and downloading quality which can be listened offline. It’s available to both Android & IOS platform. JIO users can avail 90days premium subscription for free. I personally use and recommend this app to all the Indian android users.

Wrap Up

Those were the top 5 music streaming application according to us available on the internet. You can download any of the mentioned application from the Playstore. Premium subscription is recommended to enjoy Restriction free content.  This was all for this article. If you have any queries, comment down below and we will reach you soon.