Was Ra Al Ghul real in The Dark Knight Rises?

Was Ra Al Ghul real in The Dark Knight Rises?

However, Ra’s al Ghul’s appearance in The Dark Knight Rises is merely an illusion taking place in Bruce Wayne’s mind. But when “Ducard” reveals himself as the true Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, he alludes to being immortal, although he’s clearly speaking figuratively about the “idea” of Ra’s.

Was Liam Neeson Ra’s al Ghul the whole time?

Liam Neeson was not credited as Ra’s al Ghul in the ending credits of Batman Begins. Instead, he was referred to by his alias Ducard and the part of Ra’s al Ghul was attributed to Ken Watanabe, who portrayed Ra’s decoy. Neeson was credited as Ra’s al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises.

Is Bane the son of Ra’s al Ghul?

While it does get a bit messy because Bruce Wayne confuses Bane and Talia as the son/daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, basically what happened is that after Talia became imprisoned in the pit, Bane made it his responsibility to protect her.

Is Talia al Ghul a villain in Dark Knight Rises?

Talia al Ghul serves as one of the two main antagonists of the third and final Dark Knight trilogy movie, The Dark Knight Rises. She goes under the alias Miranda Tate for the majority of the film and acts as a supporting protagonist.

Who is the fake Ra’s al Ghul?

Despite being the decoy, Ken Watanabe was credited as portraying Ra’s al Ghul in the credits of Batman Begins. Liam Neeson, who portrayed the real Ra’s al Ghul, was credited by his alias Ducard. In addition to Ken Watanabe, Jay Buozzi was credited as “Asian Man/Ra’s al Ghul” in the film’s credits.

Is Ra Al Ghul immortal?

Goyer confirmed that the film’s version of Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) is not immortal and that the Lazarus Pit does not exist in Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe.

Why does Talia al Ghul hate Batman?

On the one hand, Talia al Ghul loves her son Damian and thinks that he’s the greatest thing in the world, and will do anything to help him so he can fulfill his destiny as the son of Batman. On the other hand, she hates him for choosing Batman and tries to kill him.

Who killed Ra’s al Ghul?

In Arrow, Ra’s Al Ghul is killed by Arrow, whereas in Batman Begins Ra’s is killed by Bruce Wayne.

Why is Ra’s al Ghul still alive in the Dark Knight Rises?

Because Ra’s has a reputation for repeatedly cheating death in the DC comics, some interpreted this scene as an indication that Neeson’s villain was indeed still alive. After all, there’s no body seen at the end of Batman Begins. However, Ra’s al Ghul ‘s appearance in The Dark Knight Rises is merely an illusion taking place in Bruce Wayne’s mind.

Who was credited as Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins?

In trailers and promotional material for Batman Begins, Liam Neeson was always credited as Henri Ducard and Ken Watanabe as Ra’s al Ghul, and lead viewers to believe that Ducard, as in the comics, was to serve as a mentor figure to Bruce Wayne in the film’s early scenes.

How did Ra’s al Ghul turn the League of Shadows?

Ra’s turned the League of Shadows on the prison, killing several inmates and freeing Bane, but even after Bane saved Talia’s life, Ra’s saw Bane only as a reminder of where his wife died and excommunicated him from the group. “The path of a man who shares his hatred of evil and wishes to serve true justice. The path of the League of Shadows .”

Where did Ra’s al Ghul find Bruce Wayne?

―Ra’s Al Ghul to Bruce Wayne [src] Ra’s found Bruce Wayne in a Bhutanese prison, where he presented himself simply as Henri Ducard, an associate of Ra’s al Ghul, and offered him a “path.” After Bruce was freed, he climbed to the monastery home of the League of Shadows, where Ducard waited with Ra’s and a band of mercenaries.