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What are the 10 Gurus of Sikhism?

What are the 10 Gurus of Sikhism?

Guru Gobind Singh
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# Name Date of birth
7 Guru Har Rai 16 January 1630
8 Guru Har Krishan 7 July 1656
9 Guru Tegh Bahadur 1 April 1621
10 Guru Gobind Singh 22 December 1666

Who was the first of 10 Sikh gurus?

Guru Nanak Dev
Guru Nanak Dev, first of the 10 gurus, founded the Sikh faith, introducing the concept of one God.

Who was the 10th and the last guru of the Sikhs?

Gobind Singh
The 10th and last Guru, Gobind Singh, before his death (1708) declared the end of the succession of personal Gurus.

How many Gurus are there in Punjab?

The Sikhs call their faith Gurmat (Punjabi: “the Way of the Guru”). According to Sikh tradition, Sikhism was established by Guru Nanak (1469–1539) and subsequently led by a succession of nine other Gurus. All 10 human Gurus, Sikhs believe, were inhabited by a single spirit.

Who was the first Sikh?

Guru Nanak
There are currently about 24 million Sikhs worldwide. The majority live in the Indian state of Punjab. They regard Guru Nanak (1469–1539) as the founder of their faith and Guru Gobind Singh (1666–1708), the tenth Guru, as the Guru who formalised their religion.

Who was last Sikh?

Maharaja Duleep Singh of Lahore
Maharaja Duleep Singh of Lahore was the last Sikh ruler of the Punjab. The youngest son of Maharaja Runjit Singh (1780–1839), Duleep Singh was declared Maharaja of the Punjab in 1843 at the age of five.

Is Sikh a Hindu?

Sikhs and Hindus and the followers of Hinduism and Sikhism, two religions that originated on the Indian subcontinent. Sikhs are not Hindus, they have differences in scriptures, social status, worship, religious appearance, and so on.

Who defeated Sikh empire?

This battle was fought on 28 January 1846 during the First Sikh War (1845-46). A British-Indian force took on the Sikh army of the Punjab, known as the Khalsa (literally ‘the pure’). It ended in a decisive British victory and is seen by some as a ‘near perfect battle’.

Who was the first king of Punjab?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Maharaja Ranjit Singh (13 November 1780 – 27 June 1839), popularly known as Sher-e-Punjab or “Lion of Punjab”, was the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, which ruled the northwest Indian subcontinent in the early half of the 19th century….

Ranjit Singh
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