What are the 7 boroughs of New York City population?

What are the 7 boroughs of New York City population?


Name Status Population Census 2020-04-01
Brooklyn (Kings County) Borough 2,736,074
Manhattan (New York County) Borough 1,694,251
Queens Borough 2,405,464
Staten Island (Richmond County) Borough 495,747

What boroughs of New York City are labeled on the map?

A map showing the five boroughs of New York City, as well as airports.

  • Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Queens.
  • The Bronx.
  • Staten Island.

What is the sixth borough in New York?

Jersey City and Hoboken in Hudson County are sometimes referred to as the sixth borough, given their proximity and connections by PATH trains. Fort Lee, in Bergen County, opposite Upper Manhattan and connected by the George Washington Bridge, has also been called the sixth borough.

What is the roughest borough in New York?

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Staten Island is the most dangerous place in the U.S. for pedestrians—and other New York City boroughs aren’t far behind, according to a new study.

Which NYC borough has least people?

Staten Island
Among the boroughs, Brooklyn has the highest population (as of 2007) at over 2.5 million, while Staten Island, at nearly 444,000 is the least populated of the boroughs.

Which burrow is Harlem in?

Upper Manhattan
Harlem is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is bounded roughly by Frederick Douglass Boulevard, St. Nicholas Avenue, and Morningside Park on the west; the Harlem River and 155th Street on the north; Fifth Avenue on the east; and Central Park North on the south….

Area code 212, 332, 646, and 917

Which is the best borough of New York City?

What Is the Best Borough in New York City to Live in Right Now?

  • Commuting to Work: Manhattan.
  • Getting a Job: Brooklyn.
  • Outdoor Activities: The Bronx.
  • Friendly Neighbors: Queens.
  • Best Place to Retire: Staten Island.
  • Culture and Entertainment: Manhattan.
  • Dining and Nightlife: Manhattan.
  • Best Place for Singles: Brooklyn.

Where do billionaires live in New York?

Billionaires’ Row is a set of ultra-luxury residential skyscrapers, constructed or in development, that are arrayed roughly along the southern end of Central Park in Manhattan, New York City.

Does NYC include all 5 boroughs?

It’s like a smaller city within our massive metropolis. NYC has five of them—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island—each with dozens of neighborhoods lending their own local flavor.

What is the cleanest borough in New York?

Meanwhile, the cleanest are Stuy Town in Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, Co-op City in the Bronx, Springfield Gardens in Queens and Grymes Hill in Staten Island.

What is the nicest borough in New York?

What is the most popular borough in New York City?

Brooklyn. The most populous of the five boroughs, Brooklyn (also known as Kings county) is a major residential part of New York City.