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What are the best cutaway gags on Family Guy?

What are the best cutaway gags on Family Guy?

Peter has Lois keep track of all the words he knows. Peter feels lower than a squid at the bottom of the ocean. Meg thinks her run-in with Marla was crazier than a cop on a Segway. Peter admits that he and the family are easily won over by a good ad campaign.

What did Stewie say to Chris on Family Guy?

Stewie tells Chris that brother stick together, like the two-headed girl on TLC. Stewie angers Tony Sirico with an Italian joke. Stewie notes that he has had bigger challenges that teaching Chris, like trying to dress Jonah Hill for the Oscars. Stewie gets a second warning from Tony.

What did Lois say to Peter on Family Guy?

Lois notes that she and Peter are like apples and oranges. Lois figures that Chris will get over Heather, like he got over his “Hamster Dance” Tourette’s Syndrome. Stewie declares that he and Brian are inseperable, like Jack and Jill .

What did Brian say to Meg on Family Guy?

Brian tells Meg that he is always there to help, like a 1960s London policeman. Brian was worried that he would stick out while posing as Meg like the once guy in Abraham Lincoln ‘s cabinet without a beard. Peter points out the upside of being dumb, like forwarding mildly funny e-mails that people have seen before.

What did Stewie do in the cutaway gags?

Stewie resigns himself that his attempt to help Brian was doomed to fail, like an Asian guy going to a salon. Stewie laments that he has lost Brian forever, like the dog the Russians shot into space. After moving up in preschool, Stewie feels just like the Tin Man after the Wizard gave him his heart.

What did human Brian say on Family Guy?

Human Brian says that they live in a tough world and that you hear about it on the news every night. Lois claims that Peter being infatuated with the cutout of Kathy Ireland is the stupidest thing he’s done since he got into a turf war with a cat. Peter says he feels betrayed worse than when Lady Macbeth betrayed Duncan.