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What are the Best Pop Songs of 2015?

What are the Best Pop Songs of 2015?

The genre periodically rises in pop influence, and early 2015 marks the latest emergence. It is also a good year so far for hip hop and alternative pop. Check out the 25 best pop songs of the year as we hit the halfway mark.

What are the top Billboard Hot 100 Songs of 2015?

List of songs on Billboard’s 2015 Year-End Hot 100 chart No. Title Artist (s) 19 ” Where Are Ü Now ” Skrillex and Diplo ( Jack Ü) featuring J 20 ” Fight Song ” Rachel Platten 21 ” 679 ” Fetty Wap featuring Remy Boyz 22 ” Lips Are Movin ” Meghan Trainor

What was the number one song in 2015?

The funk track Uptown Funk by British producer Mark Ronson, featuring American singer Bruno Mars, who co-wrote and voiced the lyrics was named the number 1 song of 2015, despite being released in late 2014.

What was the longest running top 10 song in 2015?

During 2015, Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” (featuring Bruno Mars) spent 31 weeks in the top 10, becoming the single with the longest run in the top 10 of 2015 and the second longest running top 10 single of all time.

How many songs did complex cover in 2015?

Of these roughly 220 songs, let’s say about 75 percent of them are from 2015, 72 percent of those fall into pop, rap, R&B, dance, and other genres that Complex covers, so that brings us to 118.8 songs. Then you retrieve the lost two-tenths of that one song, which brings the count to 119.

Which is the most complex song of all time?

Iannis Xenakis is a dude who used actual mathematical models in creating his own original work. He had a huge influence on the development of electronic music. And this is not your typical math/prog-rock kind of wankery, it’s like avant-garde on steroids. 11. Mr. Bungle – Goodbye Sober Day Wow, Mike Patton? Again?!

Which is the most popular song of all time?

25. Dancing Queen — ABBA (1976) Pop Culture would not be the same without a track from the Swedish band ABBA. Though the band didn’t have a lengthy tenure as a group (roughly 10 years), one can’t deny the number of hits the band was able to come up with.