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What are the best seats at the Barbican?

What are the best seats at the Barbican?

The Barbican has a very modern auditorium with a steep rake and plenty of legroom which allows for maximum comfort. The best seats are found in the centre between Row C and M. Rows further back may feel more distant from the action.

How many seats in the Barbican theatre?

The theatre has a seating capacity of 1,156, which is split over four levels compromising the Stalls, Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery. A fairly modern theatre, the auditorium offers excellent views from comfortable seats with good legroom.

How big is the Barbican Theatre?

Barbican Centre

Capacity Barbican Hall: 1,943 Barbican Theatre: 1,156 The Pit: 200
Opened 1982
Architect Chamberlin, Powell and Bon

Where in London is the Barbican?

The Barbican Theatre is within the greater Barbican Centre complex on Silk Street, away from the main hub of theatre in London’s West End. The Barbican Centre is not just home to the Barbican Theatre, it also hosts art galleries, cinemas, concert halls and dance spaces.

What does the Barbican do?

The Barbican Centre is a performing arts centre in the Barbican Estate of the City of London and the largest of its kind in Europe. The centre hosts classical and contemporary music concerts, theatre performances, film screenings and art exhibitions. It also houses a library, three restaurants, and a conservatory.

Who owns the Barbican theatre?

City of London Corporation
Barbican Centre/Owners

1. It was built as a gift to the nation. Barbican Centre is owned and funded by The City of London Corporation, which is a major source of arts funding in the UK.

Can you walk into the Barbican?

You can walk to the Barbican within 30 minutes from all over central London, giving you the chance to explore the city on on your way. Plan your route with our walking map from nearby tube stations and public transport. Until autumn 2019, Moorfields Highwalks will be closed for public access.

Can you walk around the Barbican?

The art and history of the area make Whitecross Street and the Barbican special places to visit. Walking round the area provides a real alternative to the often trod routes around Shoreditch and the St. Pauls area of the City which are nearby.

Is Barbican a safe area?

If you can afford it, the Barbican is probably one of the safest places to live in London. I bought over 15 years ago when prices were more reasonable, but although prices have come down a bit and are probably lower than most places in the area, it is still expensive.

What is the purpose of the Barbican?

A barbican (from Old French: barbacane) is a fortified outpost or fortified gateway, such as at an outer defense perimeter of a city or castle, or any tower situated over a gate or bridge which was used for defensive purposes.

Which tube line is Barbican on?

Located on the London Underground’s most heavily travelled section of track, Barbican Railway Station is a tube station served by the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines in the Travelcard Zone 1.