What are the max stats in RotMG?

What are the max stats in RotMG?

How To Get Max Stats In Realm of the Mad God

HP Vitality
Assassin 720 40
Huntress 700 40
Knight 770 75
Mystic 670 40

Which stat to max first RotMG?

Dexterity/Speed should be the first stat you max as they are the most easily obtainable from dungeons, go in every sprite world and snake pit you see and it should max in a couple hours at most. Max speed if you have defense pots at the start as well as gear.

What each stat does RotMG?

There are 6 skill based stats in RotMG: Attack (ATT), Defense (DEF), Speed (SPD), Dexterity (DEX), Vitality (VIT) and Wisdom (WIS) and 2 general rechargeable stats: Hit Points (HP) and Magic/Mana Points (MP).

How do I increase my stats in RotMG?

Stat Increase Potions each increase your stat by 1 with the exception of Life and Mana, which increase by 5. This page explains how your stats affect your character. Before you start using potions, check your stats and compare them to their maxed values.

How many pots does it take to max a stat Rotmg?

Max DEF, Save extra DEF, you need to store 25 pots to max anything but a Knight.

How do you farm pots in Rotmg?

There are many ways to get pots and all of these ways involve killing gods. You can also trade, but that still requires something to trade with, which still means you have to kill gods. Each god found in Godlands has a chance to drop a stat pot. Sooner or later you will learn which god drops which type of stat pot.

How many pots does it take to max a stat RotMG?

What do RotMG stats do?

Stats, or Statistics, are the disciplines of which the character has a level to, which determines his/her overall strength in the game. The eight disciplines are as below; Speed (Spd) – The movement speed of your character. Dexterity (Dex) – This will affect your rate of fire.

What do Rotmg stats do?

How many pots does it take to Max a priest?

That makes sense since the priest is one of the faster classes at level 20 (spd) so he can max that with 9 pots, and dex is one of the slower dex speed. Anyway, what do you guys think I should do?