What are the requirements for actors Equity?

What are the requirements for actors Equity?

Associated Actors and Artistes of America Affiliation

  • Applicants must be members of a sister union for at least one year.
  • Must currently be members in good standing of their parent union.

Do actors have to be members of Equity?

The first major benefit to having an Equity card, as an actor, is that many professional auditions are Equity-only calls. Non-members are allowed to attend, but with no guarantee of being seen. Equity members are allowed to attend these Equity-only calls without these restrictions.

What are 3 ways to join actors Equity?

There are three ways to become a member of Equity: through an AEA contract, EMC points or via a sister union. If you are offered a position under an AEA contract you may join during the term of your contract. Alternatively, you can become a member by generating a number of Equity Membership Candidacy Points (EMC).

Can UK actors join SAG-AFTRA?

AEA and SAG-AFTRA have similar criteria to UK Equity but are more expensive to join. For screen actors, it’s roughly the same. For non-US citizens, you’ll need to prove you have a visa and the right to work in the US. UK Equity is not an affiliated union of AEA or SAG-AFTRA, so your membership does not transfer.

What does it cost to be a member of actors Equity?

Basic dues: $176 annually, billed at $88 twice a year each May and November. Working dues: 2.5% of gross earnings under Equity contract, which are collected through weekly payroll deductions.

What are the benefits of joining Equity?


  • Equity-only Auditions via Casting Call and Equity Hotlines.
  • Agency Regulations.
  • Member Discounts.
  • Equity News magazine.
  • Member Portal website.
  • Seminars and Special Events.
  • Professional Name Protection.
  • Tax Assistance through VITA.

Why do people join Actors Equity?

Equity ensures Professional Name Protection, prohibiting the issuing of a professional name that is identical (or similar sounding) to that of an already-current member of the union. Tax assistance is provided through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

Are British actors in SAG?

no, you are not SAG eligible because British Equity is not a sister Union. But American Equity is. Other easier way: Join Aftra (no restrictions there), when you have been a member of Aftra for a year and have booked one leading Aftra role, then you are SAG eligible.

Can foreign actors join SAG?

Except in very limited circumstances, acting work performed outside the United States will not qualify a person for membership in SAG-AFTRA. To be eligible based on foreign work, the performer would have to have been hired in the United States and transported to the foreign location by the union signatory production.

Why should I join Equity?

One of the most important benefits of Equity membership that is often overlooked is the experience and knowledge of the Equity staff. They monitor safety conditions, administer Equity’s agreements with franchised agents and assist members with work-related issues like unemployment and Workers’ Compensation claims.

Can Equity members join SAG?

Members of Actors’ Equity and, say, the American Guild of Musical Artists can join SAG-AFTRA if they have at least one year of membership in their main union and have been paid as a principal performer at least once. Joining isn’t cheap.

What do equity actors get paid?

Off-Broadway equity theater actors earn a minimum of $1,145.70 per week. If they are required to work on Sundays, that rises to $1,191.20. Equity actors who are on call earn a minimum of $238.69 per day. Broadway actors command a higher salary, a minimum of $2,034.00 per week.