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What are Thinline Teles good for?

What are Thinline Teles good for?

For a relatively low cost, the 72 Thinline Telecaster has an excellent acoustic tone that provides enough volume even when unplugged. If you use a bridge pickup, you can get a nice punchy and bright tone. But if you use a neck pickup, you’ll create beautiful rich and warm blues rock sounds.

Who plays a Telecaster Thinline?

Since the 1990s the Thinline has appeared in the hands of some of rock’s biggest musicians including Paul Westerberg, Thom Yorke, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay.

Where are Thinline telecasters made?

Thinline versions have been made in Mexico and Japan as a part of the Classic Series of guitars and basses, followed by higher-end American-made Factory Special Run (FSR) versions from the Fender Custom Shop in 2005 and 2013.

How thick is the top on a Thinline Telecaster?

1/8th inch on chambered and solid bodies, 1/4 inch on Thinline bodies.

Does a Thinline Telecaster sound different?

Thinline Telecaster Sound The Thinline still recreates the classic chime and twang only now a slightly more hollow and rounder variation of the classic Tele sound. The Thinline also sounds wider with an additional boost of bottom end which is to be expected with a chambered guitar.

Are Thinline guitars good?

Thinline – Advantages As with all Telecasters… they are good at everything! Both guitars can do a wide range of genres as is the versatility of the Tele. Even the Single coil Thinline has a warmer twang, and when played through a clean amp produces a great slap tone due to the warmer characteristics of the guitar.

Do f holes make a difference?

With modern guitars that have F holes (especially electric guitar modifications) you’re really not going to see much of a difference unless you play with excessive volume to experiment with feedback or sustain, and if you’re looking for an acoustically satisfying electric hollow body that can be a little louder when …

How much does a Telecaster Thinline weight?

Thinline Weight When it comes to weight, as with semi-hollow design means the Thinline is obviously much lighter than the regular solid body version, meaning a more comfortable and playable guitar. The Thinline only weighs 6.5lb which is a very light and forgiving guitar to wear for 2-hour gigs.

How heavy is a Fender Telecaster?

8 pounds
The Fender Telecaster weights 8 pounds (3.6 kg) on average. It’s a fairly moderately sized electric guitar, with a light body (made of alder/ ash) and heavier neck (made of maple), giving it a pretty balanced weight.

How thick is an electric guitar top?

Accordingly, top thicknesses are suggested rather than instructed. Top thickness targets for classic guitars are given as around . 100” (2.5 mm) for spruce and . 110” (2.8 mm) for softer wood such as cedar.

Are telecasters hollow?

The most common variants of the standard two-pickup solid body Telecaster are the semi-hollow Thinline, the Custom, which replaced the neck single coil-pickup with a humbucking pickup, and the twin-humbucker Deluxe.