What are two types of dodging techniques in Netball?

What are two types of dodging techniques in Netball?

Introduction Introduce to children the different types of doges used in Netball; faint dodge, double dodge, sprint dodge and spin dodge.

What is a sprint Dodge in Netball?

category: Getting-free. Netball Sprint Dodge Getting free In 3s. One player has the ball. The other two stand behind a line – 1 attacker, 1 defender.

What is dodging used for in Netball?

Dodging enables changes of direction to take place within a game of netball. When performed correctly, a dodge challenges the defending player, making it more difficult to obstruct and intercept the played ball.

How do you dodge a defender in Netball?

What’s dodging in netball?

  1. The single dodge involves outwitting your defender by moving in one direction and then quickly moving off in the opposite direction to receive a pass.
  2. The double dodge involves exactly the same as above except you dodge in two directions before moving off to receive the ball.

What is a double Dodge in netball?

Page 1. DOUBLE DODGE. PURPOSE. Double Dodging is a quick movement to the left / right / left or vice versa. Double Dodging is often used in confined spaces eg GS v GK or WA v WD on Centre Pass or trying to get onto the goal circle.

What are the two types of dodging?

There are four different types of dodging: Bull, Split, Roll, and Face.

What is a straight lead in netball?

Straight Lead/ Pivot Drill Groups of 5First worker leads out at a 45 degree angle, recieves a pass, lands on outside foot, pivots outwards and throws onto the receiver.

How do you improve defending in netball?

The 3 Stages of Defence

  1. Be netball ready – one your toes, slightly bent knees and ready to catch or intercept a ball.
  2. Keep close to your opponent.
  3. Be ball side.
  4. Take on a side approach so you can see the attacker and also the ball.
  5. Standing slightly in front at a 45 degree angle can work too.

What is attacking in netball?

Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), also known as the D.

Why is ball handling important in netball?

Try these netball ball drills to develop your catching prowess and feeding accuracy. They will help you keep control while you pivot and receive the ball on the move or stationary. NETBALL BALL SKILLS: All beginners want to improve their ability to control and handle the ball.

What is a sprint feint Dodge?

Sprint/stop/Sprint – used when an opponent is faster than you, or it could be a fake and go Feint Dodge – from a narrow base with an even weight distribution and knees flexed. Feint in one direction then push off from outside foot to move in opposite direction to feint and sprint in that direction.

What are the 3 passes in netball?

There are 5 different types of passes – the chest pass, bounce pass, lob, overhead pass and shoulder pass. Practice drilling (both two handed and single hand) as you will definitely be using all these passes in a game. For a two handed chest and bounce pass, your palms and thumbs should make a “W” behind the ball.