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What are variables in RPG Maker?

What are variables in RPG Maker?

A variable in RPG Maker is an internal number used by an RPG Maker game. Variable values can be changed by events using event commands, and can also used for calculations and determining if parts of an event should be executed. A common use for variables is to introduce a secondary currency into a game.

What are common events RPG Maker?

Common events are those events that can be run when you want them to be during gameplay. You can define triggers that you run generally for the overall game such as regularly monitoring play conditions and run some kinds of processes when things such as items and skills are used.

What is a self switch RPG maker MV?

If you set a “Self-Switch A is ON” condition to an event with only one page, that event will not appear unless its first self-switch is turned on. You may find this guide helpful: RPG Maker MV Quickstart.

How do I change my game name in RPG Maker?

Just press the System Tab in the database and change the name.

How do I start an RPG Maker game?

You can open any project (regardless of whether it has an r3proj file or not) by just using “Open Project” in the RPG Maker (after closing the currently opened project, if any). You have to click the “…” button and select the folder one level above the project’s folder, and then the project will appear in the list.

How do I change my project name in RPG Maker MV?

There’s a box labeled “Game Title” in the system tab next to currency. After that you rename the folder the game’s files are in to match your new title.

How do I open RPG Maker VX Ace?

How to Install RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

  1. Save the file (RPGVXAce_RTP.
  2. Find the downloaded file, right-click it and select Extract All.
  3. Click Extract.
  4. Open RTP100 folder and run Setup.exe to install RPG Maker VX Ace Runtime Package.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Runtime Package will be installed.
  7. Click Install.