What are websites like Groupon UK?

What are websites like Groupon UK?

The first 3 Groupon alternatives are the obvious ones that most people have heard of;

  • Living social (now owned by Groupon)
  • Wowcher.
  • Voucher cloud.
  • myvouchercodes.co.uk.
  • Freevow.
  • 007 Deals.
  • Latest Free Stuff.
  • Extreme Couponing.

Is LivingSocial the same as Groupon?

Although a competitor, LivingSocial is now owned by Groupon. It offers enticing coupon deals, with a focus on local travel and events. Launched in August 2009, LivingSocial says it now reaches more than 14.5 million subscribers around the world. Like Groupon, LivingSocial is trying to get out of the daily deal grind.

Is Wowcher like Groupon?

Overall, there’s not much in the two companies, with a slightly better level of restaurant on offer with Groupon, but the greater savings come via Wowcher – and, ultimately, saving money is the reason why such businesses as these two exist in the first place.

What is the catch with Groupon?

The only catch is the time-limited nature of the Groupon discounts. With some deals, once a deal is announced and posted on the site, it’s relevant for 24 to 72 hours, after which the discount is no longer available.

What is the best deal site UK?

Best deals sites in the UK – and exactly what to buy from each

  • Groupon. Offering group-buying deals on shopping, days out, travel, restaurants, spas and household goods, Groupon is a well-known global player in the daily deals space.
  • MoneySavingExpert.com.
  • HolidayPirates.
  • Hot UK Deals.
  • Wowcher.
  • Magic Freebies.
  • Ocean Finance.

How can I get daily deals?


  1. Groupon. Perhaps the most recognizable daily deal site, Groupon has been on the market since 2008.
  2. LivingSocial.
  3. Newegg.
  4. Overstock.com.
  5. Amazon.
  6. BuyDig.com.
  7. TigerDirect.

Is honey better than Groupon?

Employees at Groupon rate their Perk and Benefits Score a 72/100, with HR and Marketing as the two departments that rate their experience the highest. Employees at Honey rate their Perk and Benefits Score a /100, with Engineering as the department that rate their experience the highest.

Do businesses hate Groupon?

According to the article, 70% of small-business owners hate Groupon. This is according to a survey by iContact. Although the article didn’t go into depth about the reasons that small-business owners hate Groupon, I can tell you a couple of reasons why they might.

Can you trust Groupon?

Groupon is definitely a legit company. It was founded in 2008, and since then, has grown to serve almost 50 million active users. Very few people have issues using these online coupons due to the fact that as soon as a fraudulent offer is revealed by one user, it would be removed instantly.

Is Groupon free to use?

There’s no cost to claim a deal, and once a consumer makes a claim on a deal, the deal can be used on an unlimited basis during the offer period. By and large, deals can be as low as 5% or as high as 90% in limited instances, but Groupon notes on its web site that typical reward deals fall in the 15% to 30% range.