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What camera does Andreas Gursky use?

What camera does Andreas Gursky use?

Gursky uses 100 ASA Fuji film in two large-format Linhof cameras that are positioned side by side, one with a slight wide-angle lens, the other with a standard one. Exposure time: 1/8 of a second, f-stop 5.6 to 8. He needs this for depth of field, and the relatively low-speed film for the resolution.

Who was Andreas Gursky influenced by?

In the early 1980s, Gursky studied under the internationally recognized photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher at the State Art Academy. During his years at the academy, Gursky was heavily influenced by the conceptual aesthetic philosophy of the Bechers, as well as his fellow students Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter.

Who is the best photography?

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What kind of work does Andreas Gursky do?

Gursky is typically drawn to spectacular sites where tiny details, be it architecture, packaging or people, make up an overwhelming mass. He has also trained his camera on the stock exchange, raves, housing developments and Formula One. Massive attack… They might inspire awe, but the after-effect of such works is shock.

How big of a camera does Andreas Gursky use?

In a feature previewing Andreas Gursky’s series of North Korea, Wallpaper* magazine explained that Gursky shoots on a 5 x 7 inch large-format camera, before scanning his negatives to work on them digitally (Issue 97, March 2007).

When did Andreas Gursky photograph the Mouchotte tower?

Gursky embraced digital manipulation early: in his 1993 photograph of Paris’s giant Mouchotte tower block, multiple images are grafted together in postproduction to produce a single overwhelming panorama.

When did Andreas Gursky take the Bahrain photo?

Bahrain 1 is a photograph of a Formula 1 circuit taken in 2004 but created in 2005. The racetrack was from the annual Formula 1 race completed in 2004, and Gursky took the shot from a helicopter. He eventually manipulated the photo, as he did in Formula 1, using Photoshop.