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What can you bring into Dos Equis Pavilion?

What can you bring into Dos Equis Pavilion?

General Rules No food, drinks, coolers, lawn chairs, umbrellas allowed. The amphitheatre institutes a “No re-entry policy” for all events. Gates into the pavilion open ninety minutes prior to the scheduled performance time. Certain shows may restrict all beer and wine sales at that performers request.

What was Dos Equis pavilion before?

Dos Equis Pavilion

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Former names The Amphitheatre at Fair Park (planning/construction) Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre (1988–98) Starplex Amphitheatre (1999) Smirnoff Music Centre (2000–08) Center (2008–11) Gexa Energy Pavilion (2011–16) Starplex Pavilion (2017–18)

Is Dos Equis Pavilion all ages?

No age limit. I have seen people bring infants with them to shows. over a year ago.

What is VIP Club access at Dos Equis Pavilion?

Each ticket receives VIP Club amenities for most shows on the summer concert schedule. VIP amenities include access to a private entrance and the exclusive Club Lounge. The Lounge at the Dos Equis Pavilion is air-conditioned and features top shelf beer, wine, and liquor available for purchase.

What seats are covered at Dos Equis Pavilion?

The venue is split up into the 100s, the 200s and Lawn seating. All seating in the 100s is completely covered. This includes the General Admission Pit in front of the stage and the VIP Boxes behind Section 101. In the 200s sections that begin roughly ​25 rows from the stage, all rows A-Z are covered by the roof.

How many people does Dos Equis Pavilion?

Dos Equis Pavilion/Capacity

Located in Dallas, Texas, Dos Equis Pavilion(formerly known as Starplex Pavilion) is a 20,000 capacity outdoor amphitheatre operated by Live Nation. Opening its doors in 1988, the amphitheatre is the first and largest venue of its kind in the DFW area area.

What is in Dos Equis?

What are the ingredients in Dos Equis beer? Dos Equis is made of water, malted barley, corn starch/ syrup, hops and ascorbic acid.

Is Dos Equis pavilion air conditioned?

Dos Equis Pavilion is air-conditioned.

Can you smoke at Dos Equis Pavilion?

Smoking allowed? – Dos Equis Pavilion. “Smoking allowed?” Yes you can smoke on the hill not sure about the covered seating.

Is Dos Equis a good beer?

A crisp, refreshing, light-bodied malt-flavored beer with a well-balanced finish. A Lager that drinks like a Pilsner. A beer with such good taste, it’s chosen you to drink it.

What is the best tasting Mexican beer?

7 Best Readily Available Mexican Beers, Ranked

  • Sol.
  • Corona Extra.
  • Dos Equis.
  • Carta Blanca.
  • Modelo Negra.
  • Tecate.
  • Pacifico Clara.

Is the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas Texas?

Since its opening year, the outdoor amphitheater has featured some of the best live shows of the summer concert season. Although the venue is one of the biggest and best in the Dallas area, it has gone through several name changes over the years and from 2011 – 2017 was more commonly known as the Gexa Energy Pavilion.

When did the Dos Equis Pavilion open in Dallas?

Dos Equis Pavilion History The venue first opened in 1988 as the Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheater and is located just east of downtown Dallas. Since its opening year, the outdoor amphitheater has featured some of the best live shows of the summer concert season.

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