What caste is Dharmesh Yelande?

What caste is Dharmesh Yelande?

Family & Caste Dharmesh Yelande belongs to a Marathi Family but recognizes himself as a Gujarati. His father used to run a tea stall in Vadodara, and his mother is a homemaker. He has two brothers; Vicky Yelande and Kalpesh Yelande. He is in a relationship with Breshna Khan since 2016.

What is the age of Dharmesh Yelande?

37 years (October 31, 1983)
Dharmesh Yelande/Age

What type of dance is Dharmesh?

He is known for his hip-hop style of dancing, but not many are aware that Dharmesh is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer.

What is Dharmesh full name?

Dharmesh Yelande
Dharmesh Yelande popularly known in the dance world as Dharmesh Sir(born 31 October) is an Indian dancer and choreographer.

Is Shakthi and Raghav dating?

MUMBAI: Star Plus dance reality show Dance Plus is a very successful series on television. He is also seen talking to her mom about their marriage and tells her not to deny it. …

Is Remo D’Souza sick?

Remo D’Souza is back to the gym after nearly a month and shared a video of his workout session on Instagram. The director-choreographer had suffered a heart attack on December 11, 2020 and had undergone an angioplasty. Several celebrities were snapped at the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai, where Remo had been admitted.

Is sanchita Remos daughter?

In the recent episode of Dance+ 5 , the audience was in for a super surprise as Remo D’souza celebrated the birthday of his ‘daughter’ on the sets of the show. International dancers Les Twins were also a part of the show as special guests and Remo introduced Sanchita to them as his daughter.

Does Shakti really love Raghav?

Raghav had many romantic moments with Shakti which she used to just laugh it off. But now, Shakti has expressed her love for Raghav and it’s just too cute. Shakti revealed that Raghav is her best friend and he has always been for her in all her times.

Is Remo D’Souza fine?

Bollywood dance choreographer and reality TV show judge Remo D’Souza has suffered a heart attack today (December 11). Remo, 46, is currently admitted in a hospital in Mumbai. Remo sir is fine now, he is doing well. We all are at Kokilaben Hospital with him.”