What channel is road dog on SiriusXM?

What channel is road dog on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM channel 146
Tune into Road Dog Trucking Radio any hour of the day on SiriusXM channel 146.

Is Tim Ridley married?

Tim Ridley, Ph.D., Vice-President I’m currently the radio host The Tim Ridley Show. I am married to a wonderful lady, Maricel, and we are the parents of our pride and joy, T.J., who keeps us busy! Andersonville Theological Seminary – Master of Divinity (M. Div).

Who is Kevin Rutherford?

Kevin is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Financial Planner. He’s helped numerous OTR truck drivers establish healthy nutritional and financial routines. He’s also host of the popular Trucking Business & Beyond Radio Show on SiriusXM 146.

What happened to ny100 on Sirius?

SiriusXM recently had a channel refresh and Z100 has been removed from their station. Radio Insight reports that the decision to take out Z100 is because of a 2013 deal between SiriusXM and iHeartMedia. At the time, SiriusXM left only two channels which are ownership of iHeartMedia, KIIS-FM Los Angeles and Z100.

What is a road dog slang?

New Word Suggestion. Slang for a good friend.

How old is Dave Nemo?

He was 78. Dave Nemo, Douglas’ one-time co-host and eventual successor on WWL, called him a pioneer of the overnight talk genre geared toward truckers.

Who is Tim Ridley?

He has been a small fleet owner, a truck driving school instructor, Director of Job Placement, Director of Training, Recruiting Supervisor and a Terminal Manager for the second largest temperature-controlled carrier in the U.S. After experiencing a myriad of positions in the trucking industry and racking up over …

Why is Kevin Rutherford off the air?

After the SBTC Responded to the Road Dog Bully’s Assault on the Leader of a Trucker Facebook Group last month, the SBTC Today Called for Kevin Rutherford to be Fired by Sirius XM Radio Executives due to “Pattern of Abuse.”

Did they take Z100 off Sirius XM?

IHeartMedia Z100 is now off the service and is no longer on Sirius XM.

Is Z100 on Sirius XM?

KIIS-FM, a Top 40 station based in Los Angeles, CA is now simulcasting on XM Channel 11; Z100, the nation’s largest CHR/Top 40 station based in New York City, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 12; WLTW Lite FM, an adult contemporary station in NYC, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 13; WSIX, a country station based in …