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What channel is Trace Urban on?

What channel is Trace Urban on?

The #1 Urban Music Channel in 40 Countries. Channel 325 on DSTV.

What happened Trace Urban?

On 1 November 2019, Chart Show TV was rebranded as Trace Urban following Trace’s takeover of Sony’s music channels. On 1 October 2020, the channel rebranded to Trace Xmas, taking over from defunct sister channel Starz TV. Trace Xmas is set to return from 22 September 2021.

How does Trace Urban make money?

Many artists testify that their Pan African fame is in part thanks to exposure on Trace’s channels across the continent. Launched in 2003, Trace is a multimedia group and brand dedicated to afro-urban entertainment. On the contrary, royalties are paid to artists and record labels for broadcasting their works.

How many trace channels are there?

TRACE owns and operates 22 paid TV channels, 7 FM radio stations, over 30 digital and mobile services, and develops content production and syndication acti- vities reaching 60 million paid subscribers and 200 million viewers, listeners and mobile users in 200 countries.

Where is Trace TV located?

With its headquarters based in Paris and sites in three countries in Africa, Trace has become an international broadcasting and news platform in the past seven years. Trace’s website,, helps readers and listeners keep up with the latest of African pop news.

What number is Channel O on DStv?

Channel 320
Official Twitter page for Channel O, Africa’s leading music channel on @DStv (Channel 320) and home of the Young, Gifted and African!

Who is the owner of Trace TV?

TPG Capital Trace Partners
Trace Urban (formerly MCM Africa then Trace TV) is a French pay-TV music video television channel owned by TPG Capital….Trace Urban.

Broadcast area International
Picture format 16:9 576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Owner TPG Capital Trace Partners

Where is trace gospel located?

TRACE, one of the leading Afro-Urban entertainment and empowerment brand, has kicked off 2020 by opening a new office in Ikoyi, Lagos, in addition to its recently launched TRACE Gospel Channel 332 on DSTV.

Where is trace Africa located?

Trace Africa

Country South Africa
Broadcast area South Africa, Africa
Slogan We love African music
Headquarters Johannesburg

What happened Channel O?

MNET has announced that the popular music station, Channel O, will cease operation by March 31 2015. This decision was necessitated as a measure to strategize towards a streamlined and proficient approach that will enhance subscribers viewing experience –with regionalised content.

Where is Trace TV found?

What kind of music channel is Trace Urban?

TRACE Urban is the #1 Hip-hop, R&B and Rhythmic Top 40 music channel. It showcases the best videos from these three music genres as well as interviews, shows and documentaries related to urban artists and culture.

Who is the parent company of Trace TV?

Trace Urban (formerly MCM Africa then Trace TV) is a French pay-TV music video television channel owned by TPG Capital. It is the parent channel of the various Trace music channels.

When did Trace TV become an international channel?

On April 27, 2003, Olivier Laouchez renames MCM Africa into Trace TV which became the first international channel dedicated to urban music, it is experiencing rapid international expansion, with different feeds present in 60 countries. In 2006, the channel received a HOT BIRD Award for the best music television in Europe.

What kind of music does Trace Africa play?

TRACE Africa  is the #1 music channel dedicated to African music. It is the voice of the African artists with the best music videos from all the beloved African music genres: Afro-pop, Coupé-décalé, Kwaito-house, Afro-trap, Makossa, N’dombolo…