What content should be above the fold?

What content should be above the fold?

‘Above the fold’ refers to the section of your site that first greets users when they land on a page. The content above the fold is the header, text, imagery, or video that’s visible before users have to scroll. Ideally, it should convey what an organization does and its associated benefits.

How do you optimize above the fold?

Using a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fit the device helps to ensure the area above the fold is optimized across platforms. However, for many websites, it’s best practice to design for the mobile version first to make sure the area above the fold looks as good as possible.

Does above the fold affect SEO?

Quick answer: yes. Long answer: there is not much information out there on how pushing your main content above the fold directly impacts SEO in 2019. Anecdotal research shows that the highest ranking sites also tend to show content above the fold – which can be a critical signal.

What is above the fold content SEO?

Above the fold SEO is one of those things. “Above the fold” basically means how Google (and users) see your content after your page loads without scrolling down. In this instance, the “fold” is the dividing line between content you can see without scrolling and content you can only see after scrolling.

What is above and below the fold?

‘Above the fold’ was anything on the top half and ‘below the fold’ was anything underneath. The content that was deemed less important was traditionally placed below the fold, since it was mostly invisible when displayed on a newsstand.

What is above the fold CSS?

Above-the-fold content is the portion of the webpage that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. Google wants to see inline CSS extracted from your main CSS file and injected into the head tag, allowing everything you see first to be loaded first.

How important is above the fold content?

Because of its high visibility, the content that you place above the fold should be the content that is most important to achieving your business goals. The content should immediately grab the user’s attention and present them with the content that they are looking for so that they don’t bounce and visit another site.

How important is above the fold?

Its main purpose is to remind you that the top of your page should set the stage for the rest of the content while also grabbing someone’s attention. Designing with all your most important links above the fold doesn’t ensure higher conversion rates.

What is above the fold and below the fold?

What is a fold in marketing?

Above the fold refers to the part of an email message or webpage that is visible without scrolling. It refers to a printing term for the top half of a newspaper which is, literally, above the place in the newspaper where it is folded in half.

What is ATF in SEO?

What is Above the Fold (ATF)? Above the Fold is the site area we see when a website is loaded, without having to scroll down. The content we see after scrolling is called Below the Fold (BTF). This term is particularly important in web design, online advertising and e-mail marketing.

What is considered below the fold?

The term ‘below the fold’ refers to the portion of a webpage that a user must scroll to see. A holdover from newspaper publishing, the term ‘below the fold’ was coined when there was an actual physical fold in the middle of the page.