What did Deep-Sea Prisoner do?

What did Deep-Sea Prisoner do?

Deep-Sea Prisoner (海底囚人), commonly shortened to DSP, is a Japanese artist and game developer formerly known as Mogeko. They are a talented person working to create various games, comics, and other stories through various forms of media. Their gender is unknown.

Is Wadanohara a child?

Wadanohara (大海原) is the main protagonist of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is a young sea witch and the daughter of Meikai, the Great Sorcerer.

When did Okegom come out?

April 1st, 2012
Mogeko Castle (モゲコキャッスル) is Deep-Sea Prisoner’s first game, developed in RPG Maker. It was released on April 1st, 2012 on RPG Maker 2000. A remake made in RPG Maker VX Ace was released in early 2014.

Is Okegom a game?

Deep-Sea Prisoner, also known as Mogeko, Okegom, and Funamusea, is the creator of several games made in RPG Maker, as well as some other media such as comics and flash animation.

How old is Fukami?

One day, Hiroto Fukami (Dori Sakurada) appears in front of her in a suit. He is a 30-year-old business man. He is gentle and looks perfect.

What gender is deep-sea prisoner?

Deep-Sea Prisoner

Character Information
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Human (Artist) Ghost (Mascot)
Gender Female

What was Wadanohara made on?

RPG Maker 2000
A clear blue sea under a beautiful blue sky. After a long departure, the sea witch Wadanohara travels back home with her familiars….Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

Engine RPG Maker 2000
Platforms Windows MacOS (via RPGHub) Linux (via EasyRPG Player)
Release Date Game: December 21, 2013 Manga: August 13, 2015

What is the GREY garden?

The Gray Garden is a indie pseudo-RPG game with a heavy story focus, created by Mogeko (site name Deep-Sea Prisoner) in RPG Maker 2000. The Gray Garden: a world where angels and demons live in harmony. Yosafire, a demon who likes flowers, enjoys a carefree life with her friends.

Is The Gray Garden scary?

The Gray Garden (灰色庭園) is Deep-Sea Prisoner’s second game, containing less graphic content than her other works. Blood, violence, and body horror are featured, however gore is rather minimal and is not presented in a startling fashion (unlike Mogeko Castle).

Does Fukami like Wadanohara?

Fukami is quiet and calm most of the time, often only using few words to get his point across. He has feelings for Wadanohara, but was jealous that Samekichi stole her attention.

Is Lobco a shrimp?

Lobco (ロブコ) is a humanoid lobster-shrimp hybrid from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is one of Chlomaki’s familiars and often goes off with her away from the sea.