What did Travis ask for in his letter from the Alamo?

What did Travis ask for in his letter from the Alamo?

On February 23, the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas had been besieged by Mexican forces led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Fearing that his small group of men could not withstand an assault, Travis wrote this letter seeking reinforcements and supplies from supporters.

What did Travis letter say in 1836?

It was addressed, “To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World.” This letter was a passionate plea for aid for the Alamo garrison.

How does Travis describe the situation at the Alamo?

In this letter addressed “To the Citizens of Texas,” Travis describes the repeated attacks by the Mexican army: I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexicans, under Santa Ana. I have sustained a continual bombardment and cannonade, for twenty-four hours, and have not lost one man.

Who delivered Travis Victory or Death Letter?

Captain Albert Martin
This historic letter was carried from the Alamo by 30-year-old Captain Albert Martin of Gonzales, a native of Rhode Island. On the afternoon of the 25th, Martin passed the dispatch to Lancelot Smither, who had arrived from the Alamo the day before with an estimate of Mexican troop strength.

Why did Houston not send reinforcements to the Alamo?

The Texans Weren’t Supposed to Defend the Alamo General Sam Houston felt that holding San Antonio was impossible and unnecessary, as most of the settlements of the rebellious Texans were far to the east.

What was the William B Travis Victory or Death Letter?

The famous Victory or Death Letter written by William B. Travis during the fall of the Alamo will be returned to the shrine here in San Antonio on Friday. Travis wrote the letter on Feb. 24, 1836 as a plea for help when the Alamo’s defenders were surrounded by several thousand Mexican troops; it’s now been 177 years.

Who delivered the Travis letter?

Who was sent out as a courier from the Alamo?

On 23 Feb, scouts Smith and Sutherland were sent from the garrison by Travis to track the position and strength of Santa Anna’s forces and determined their location just two miles from the Alamo.

Who said Victory or Death?

commander William Barret Travis
The letter written by commander William Barret Travis “To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World” during the Battle of the Alamo (1836), ends with “Victory or Death!”.

Why are so few reinforcements sent to defend the Alamo?

Aware that his garrison could not withstand an attack by such a large force, Travis wrote multiple letters pleading for more men and supplies from Texas and from the United States, but the Texians were reinforced by fewer than 100 men because the United States had a treaty with Mexico, and supplying men and weapons …

Why didn’t they abandon the Alamo?

It was too far from the American settlements in Texas and too close to the population centers of Mexico. Its people were too friendly to the Mexican government and too suspicious of Anglos. The war for Texas independence would never be won at Béxar, but it might be lost there.

What did William b.travis write from the Alamo?

Travis Writes from the Alamo: “Victory or Death”. Surrounded by thousands of Mexican troops and facing near-certain death, Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis wrote what is considered to be one of history’s most heroic letters.

Where to see the Travis letter in Texas?

Prior to viewing the Travis Letter, visitors will have a unique opportunity to view a comprehensive exhibit on Travis and the Texas Revolution. Historic documents from the Texas General Land Office and the Alamo will be on display within the Alamo church. Visitors to the exhibit will also receive a full-size color reproduction of the Travis Letter.

Where was the letter from the Alamo sold?

The original holograph was returned to the Travis family shortly after the Revolution. In 1893, Travis’s great-grandson, John G. Davidson, sold the letter for $85 (about $2000 in today’s currency) to the Texas Department of Agriculture, Insurance, Statistics and History.

Who was the artist who painted the Alamo?

Custody of the letter was transferred from AIS to the Texas State Library and Historical Commission (today’s Texas State Library and Archives Commission) upon its creation in 1909. This painting of the Alamo by artist Theodore Gentilz, a French immigrant, is considered the most accurate image of the mission and presidio complex ever rendered.