What do you get for 1000 points on OpenTable?

What do you get for 1000 points on OpenTable?

What can I redeem my OpenTable Points for?

1,000 Points 1,800 Points 10,000 Points
$20 Hotel Discount 1-Year Magazine Subscription $50 – $110 Restaurant Discount
$50 Amazon Gift Card

How much are OpenTable points worth?

OpenTable Dining Rewards = Best Benefits 2000 points = $10-$25 dining reward. 5000 points = $25-$60 dining reward. 10,000 points = $50-$110 dining reward. 20,000 points = $100-$210 dining reward.

Why is OpenTable not giving points?

Not Collecting Points Before completing any reservation through OpenTable, make sure you’re signed in to your account. If you are not signed in when completing a reservation eligible for points, points will not be collected.

How do I redeem points on OpenTable USA?

To redeem your Dining Points, please log into your OpenTable account on the OpenTable website (from your desktop or laptop). All redemptions are final. To redeem Dining Points for certain rewards, you may be required to make a reservation.

Can I use OpenTable points for takeout?

Will I receive Points for OpenTable for Delivery/Takeout Orders? Points will not be awarded for delivery or takeout orders. Points are only awarded for reservations made through the OpenTable website or the OpenTable app.

Can I transfer my OpenTable points?

By merging your accounts, we will consolidate your points, but the account you decide to keep active won’t carry the dining history from the deactivated account.

How do I keep my OpenTable points from expiring?

While points are supposed to expire three years after they were earned, there’s a caveat. You must keep your account active by making (and honoring) a reservation once every 12 months; otherwise, you forfeit all of your points.

What happened to my OpenTable points?

After 12 months of inactivity, all points are lost. OpenTable’s quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 of each year.

Can I get OpenTable points for takeout?

How does OpenTable make money?

From restaurants with the Connect system, OpenTable receives a fee for each diner who completes his reservation. It receives $2.50 per diner who reserves through OpenTable’s site, and $0.25 per diner for reservations made through the restaurant’s site using OpenTable software.

What do you get for 2000 points on OpenTable?

2,000 points = $10 Amazon Card. 5,000 points = $25 Amazon Card. 10,000 points = $50 Amazon Card. 20,000 points = $100 Amazon Card.

Can I make 2 reservations on OpenTable?

Once your account has been converted to an Administrative Professional account, you’ll be able to add the names of other diners to your account and book on their behalf. The first and last name of a person can be added here to add to a list of people to book reservations for.