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What do you say in a thank you card?

What do you say in a thank you card?


  1. “You’re the best.”
  2. “I’m humbled and grateful.”
  3. “You knocked me off my feet!”
  4. “My heart is still smiling.”
  5. “Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure.”
  6. “Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.”
  7. “The banana bread was fabulous. You made my day.”
  8. “I’m touched beyond words.”

How do you thank someone quote?

Giving Thanks: 31 Inspiring Quotes About Thankfulness

  1. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” -William Arthur Ward.
  2. “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.
  3. “No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.

What to say in a professional thank you note?

These general thank-you phrases can be used for all personal and professional communications:

  1. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. I appreciate your consideration/guidance/help/time.
  4. I sincerely appreciate ….
  5. My sincere appreciation/gratitude/thanks.
  6. My thanks and appreciation.
  7. Please accept my deepest thanks.

How do you thank someone?

Personal thank you

  1. I appreciate you!
  2. You are the best.
  3. I appreciate your help so much.
  4. I’m grateful to you.
  5. I wanted to thank you for your help.
  6. I value the help you’ve given me.
  7. I am so thankful for you in my life.
  8. Thanks for the support.

What to say in a thank you card?

Allow your card to say more than, “Thank you.”. “Thank you for being the reason I smile.” —Anonymous. “Thank you for being you.” —Anonymous. “Here’s to those who inspire you and don’t even know it.” —Anonymous. “Thank you for brightening my world.” —Anonymous. “Let us be kinder to one another.” — Aldous Huxley .

How do you write a professional thank you card?

Here are some simple steps to follow when you’re writing a business thank you card: Greet the recipient by name. Write a couple lines thanking them for their business. Include a call-to-action (next steps, future business meeting) if you have one. End with a professional sign off like “All the best,” or “Sincerely,”.

What are some phrases to say thank you?

Depending on how serious the “thank you” is, you can respond with one of the phrases below: Sure. No sweat. No problem. You’re welcome. Don’t worry about it. Don’t mention it. You’re quite welcome. No, not at all. It’s my pleasure. It’s the least I could do. This list is arranged roughly in order of seriousness,…

What is the best thank you note?

The best thank you notes are short, sincere, and specific to each interview. So: Before going to your interview, buy an attractive blank note card from a card shop. No humor, and nothing fancy or with writing on the inside. This needs to reflect you, so keep the card simple and write your note in your own words.