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What does AOII mean?

What does AOII mean?

Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Omicron Pi (ΑΟΠ, AOII, Alpha O) is an international women’s fraternity founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College on the campus of Columbia University in New York.

What are the four pillars of AOII?

Ambition for a Lifetime serves as a reminder to live an ambitious life during your alumnae years. Created by alumnae, for alumnae, these topical challenges focus on four pillars of Alpha Omicron Pi – live, learn, lead and serve.

Why is AOII a fraternity?

AOII believes in a fraternal culture based on our values, and our Culture Principles were developed to provide our membership with a compass to help all members achieve the meaning of Fraternity in our Ritual.

What is the purpose of AOII Council?

In AOII, we too have a democratic process within our system of governance and policy creation. The members of AOII International Council (commonly known as Council), make up our legislative body, and help shape the Governing Documents of AOII.

Why does AOII not have a crest?

AOII does not have a crest because we were founded on Greek, rather than medieval, ideals. In its place we use the image of a rose.

Which sorority is the most popular?

1.Alpha Omicron Pi – Indiana University AOII at IU always comes out on top of the rankings. Boasting a whopping 605 ratings, these ladies are known for their friendliness, good looks, and dedication to school. With AOII being the biggest sorority in the country, it’s no surprise this chapter takes the top spot.

What are the four pillars of AOII quizlet?

4) The Four Pillars of the Fraternity: To Live, Learn, Lead, and Serve.

What do the Infinity rose petals symbolize AOII?

The infinity rose petals symbolize our four founders, Stella, Helen, Jessie and Bess, who chose to live, learn, lead and serve with ambition, emphasizing the significance of character, dignity, scholarship and college loyalty.

What is a way to get involved as an AOII alumnae?

Volunteer Locally Alumnae assistance is always welcomed for recruitment activities, involvement with chapter operations and events, and as mentors on the chapter’s Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (AB). To get involved with your local collegiate chapter on an AB, visit our chapter locator.

What are AOII colors?

Alpha Omicron Pi/Colors
Alpha Omicron Pi’s primary color palette is made up of cardinal (PMS 200C) and pink (PMS 191C). Whether on screen, in a brochure or printed on a T-shirt, these colors should be rendered as closely as possible. The International Fraternity logomark and Greek letters should always appear in the primary color palette.

What’s the hardest sorority to get into?

Alpha Phi is the hardest to get into… Depending on how many legacies are going through recruitment, probably Kappa Delta is the hardest.

Is the Gin system merges with omegafi?

The widely popular GIN system and GIN mobile app will add to the rich communication tools and resources already offered by OmegaFi. As a result of the merger, OmegaFi now works with several hundered thousand undergraduate students and has signficiantly expanded the number of parternships it has with inter/national headquarters.

Who is the founder of the Gin system?

Key GIN staff members have joined the team at OmegaFi that now boasts 113 employees. GIN Founder Ethan Fieldman will serve as a consultant focusing on product development, client-relations, innovation and directing the industry-leading Greek Technology Summit.

How does the Ghin handicap score system work?

The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. Comprehensive tournament program, commanding enough for the power user, yet easy for the new user to set up and score any tournament.

How do I get Ghin for my iPhone?

Download the free app for your Android or Apple product by entering the key word GHIN and search Google Play (formally, the Android Market) or the iTunes Store. When launching the app, you will be required to enter your GHIN number and last name for verification purposes.