What does BP stand for service station?

What does BP stand for service station?

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What does a service station mean?

A service station is a place that sells things such as petrol, oil, and spare parts. Service stations often sell food, drink, and other goods.

Do service stations sell condoms?

You can buy condoms at supermarkets, chemists, petrol stations and online. Some shops place condoms behind the counter or have security tags attached to avoid people stealing the condoms or damaging them.

Do service stations sell Panadol?

Paracetamol is a heavily advertised common drug that relieves headaches, pain and fever. You can get it almost anywhere – chemists, supermarkets and petrol stations sell it, and soon it will be available from vending machines.

Does BP still stand for British Petroleum?

BP was initially registered on April 14, 1909, as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, Ltd. It was renamed the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, Ltd., in 1935 and changed its name to the British Petroleum Company Limited in 1954. The name British Petroleum Company PLC was adopted in 1982.

What is the game BP?

The game was developed in the ’70s, hoping to give players “the thrills of drilling,” along with its “hazards and rewards”. …

What is the function of service station?

Also called gas station. a place equipped for servicing automobiles, as by selling gasoline and oil, making repairs, etc. a place that provides some service, as the repair of equipment, or where parts and supplies are sold, provided, dispensed, etc.

What are the types of service stations?

The type of service station depends on the station’s location. Roadside stations and stations servicing small population centers are general service stations; stations in large cities are usually specialized. The capacity of a service station is determined by the number of spaces provided for vehicles.

Is buying condoms embarrassing?

Some people feel kind of awkward going into a store and buying condoms, but your health is more important than a little embarrassment. Besides, buying condoms shouldn’t be embarrassing in the first place — it means you’re being responsible, and protecting yourself and your partner.

Can you buy condoms from petrol stations?

You can buy condoms, even if you are under 16 (there is no legal age limit) from chemists, supermarkets, petrol stations, vending machines in public toilets, bars and clubs or online. Online is also a discreet solution for people who feel embarrassed buying condoms in a shop.

Do BP gas stations have air pumps?

LPT: If you ever need air in your tire go to any BP station, they have free air.