What does CPT code 73721 mean?

What does CPT code 73721 mean?

Magnetic resonance
73721 – CPT® Code in category: Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, any joint of lower extremity.

What is the CPT code for labs?

Laboratory Testing: CPT Codes 80000-89999.

Where can I find CPT codes?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services offer a free search (CPT code lookup) for RVU for every CPT code. Users can also request a CPT/RVU Data File license from the AMA to easily import codes and descriptions into existing claims and medical billing systems.

What is the code range for the radiology section?

70010- 76499
Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedures CPT® Code range 70010- 76499. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedures 70010-76499 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

How do you bill for blood draw?

Here are some coding tips:

  1. Select the right code. Venipuncture coding is described using CPT 36415 (collection of venous blood by venipuncture).
  2. Don’t append modifier -63.
  3. Report a single unit of 36415, per episode of care, regardless of how many times venipuncture is performed.

What does CPT code 90791 mean?

integrated biopsychosocial assessment, including
Code 90791 represents “integrated biopsychosocial assessment, including history, mental status, and recommendations.” It originated in 2013, when many of the mental health CPT codes were reworked, replacing code 90801.

What does CPT code 99205 mean?

99205 Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient, which requires these three key components: a comprehensive history; a comprehensive examination; and medical decision making of high complexity.

What are the 4 subsections of Radiology?

Let’s look at the makeup of the Radiology section. These fields and ranges can be informally arranged into four groups. Those groups are: Diagnostic, Ultrasound, Radiation Oncology, and Nuclear Medicine.

What are the radiology codes?

Radiology Procedures CPT® Code range 70010- 79999

  • 00100-01999.
  • 10004-69990.
  • 70010-79999.
  • 0001U-89398.
  • 90281-99607.
  • 99091-99499.
  • 0001F-9007F.
  • 0002M-0017M.