What does Dior Diorella smell like?

What does Dior Diorella smell like?

It starts off citrus fresh, and quickly moves to a body odor-tinged (cumin-like), indolic honeysuckle/jasmine. The musky base adds weight to its sparkling top notes, never wearing Diorella down but rather giving it a little depth and darkness.

Is Diorella still made?

Diorella, was still being sold in 1991, but was later discontinued and brought back in 1995. To the dismay of many loyal wearers of Diorella, the perfume was reformulated with modern ingredients and relaunched as a fruity floral fragrance for women in 2009 as part of Dior’s collection Les Creations de Monsieur Dior.

Is Diorissimo discontinued?

The Diorissimo Bag has been produced in a variety of materials, from traditional calfskin to exotic python and alligator. Released in 2012 and now discontinued, the Diorissimo was a yet another much loved style from Dior.

What are the notes in Diorella?

Diorella was launched in 1972. The nose behind this fragrance is Edmond Roudnitska. Top notes are Green Notes, Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot, Melon and Basil; middle notes are Honeysuckle, Moroccan Jasmine, Peach, Carnation, Cyclamen and Rose; base notes are Oakmoss, Vetiver, Patchouli and Musk.

When was Diorissimo created?

Diorissimo is a floral perfume released by fashion brand Christian Dior and created by French master perfumier Edmond Roudnitska. Originally introduced in 1956, Diorissimo is an attempt to simulate lily of the valley.

What does lily of the valley smell like?

It smells sweet, fresh, floral, exactly like the flower but better. It is not overpowering, its very feminine, light, and yes, sexy.

What is eau de toilette vs parfum?

If you choose an Eau de Parfum, you choose a fragrance that is a bit more intense, luxurious and fuller than an Eau de Toilette. The main difference is therefore the amount of perfume oil in the formula: an Eau de Toilette contains less perfume oil and more water and alcohol than an Eau de Parfum.