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What does Hyunseung mean?

What does Hyunseung mean?

Given name: Hyunseung (賢勝) | Hyun (賢) -> virtuous, worthy, good | Seung (勝) -> victory, excel. Meaning: Virtuous and victorious. JUNHYUNG. Birthname: 龍俊亨 (Yong Junhyung) Surname: Yong (龍) -> Dragon.

What happened to jang Hyun seung?

Jang Hyunseung debuted in 2009 with the Cube Entertainment boy group BEAST, and he departed from the group in 2016. The remaining members have since left the agency and rebranded as Highlight, and Jang Hyunseung remains signed as a solo artist with Cube.

What happened to b2st?

Hello, Highlight! The Korean quintet formerly known as Beast has officially announced they will now be known as Highlight after leaving Cube Entertainment at the end of 2016. The band’s new agency, Around US Entertainment, told Korean media that the name signifies their potential to be exceptional and stand out.

What happened troublemaker Kpop?

The band debuted in November 2011, under CUBE Entertainment. After years of inactivity Trouble Maker have presumably disbanded following Hyuna’s departure from CUBE Entertainment on October 15, 2018.

Why did BEAST leave left cube?

The band continued as a five-member group and Hyun-seung proceeded under Cube as a solo artist. The reason for his departure was due to differences in music styles between him and the other members. On June 21, Beast announced the upcoming release of their third full-length album, Highlight.

Why did Jang Hyun Seung leave beast?

The singer had been with the agency since at least 2009, when he made his debut in the K-pop industry with BEAST, which he later left in early 2016 due to disagreements in musical direction.

Who is Eli in lookism?

Eli Jang (장현 Jang Hyun) is a secondary character in Lookism. He is a student in the beauty department of J High School.

Why Yong Jun Hyung left BEAST?

On March 14, Jun-hyung announced he was leaving Highlight, after he admitted to watching illegal videos sent to him by Jung, who is under investigation for secretly filming women during sex; a part of the Burning Sun scandal. The police stated that he is being considered only as a witness at this point in time.

Is BEAST still active?

Highlight (Korean: 하이라이트) is a South Korean boy band formerly known as Beast (Korean: 비스트)….Highlight (band)

Also known as B2ST Beast
Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2009–present

Did Hyunseung and Hyuna dated?

And I said it’s obvious because Hyunseung and Hyuna dated and kept it a secret so CUBE was ok with Hyuna doing the same with Triple H with E’dawn. Before you discard what I am saying it is VERY possible they were dating. 1 E’dawn literally reminds me of Hyunseung.

When did Hyunseung leave Beast for hit the stage?

On April 19, 2016, Cube Entertainment announced he officially left Beast to continue as a soloist. On July 29, 2016, Cube Entertainment announced that Hyunseung would be joining the dance competition program Hit The Stage, making it his first broadcast appearance since leaving Beast.

When did Jang Hyunseung join the US military?

Former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung has been receiving attention from netizens for looking much happier since enlisting in the military. Jang Hyuseung enlisted in the military in July 2018. Cube revealed the details of his enlistment.

When did Jang Hyun seung become a solo artist?

Jang Hyun Seung is a solo artist under CUBE Entertainment. He debuted with BEAST on October 2009 but left the group after 7 years on April 2016. He made his solo debut on May 2015. – He was born in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.

Who is Jang Hyun seung of Beast from?

He is best known as a former member of the boy group Beast, under the label Cube Entertainment. With Beast, he has released singles and albums in both Korean and Japanese. Beast won the Artist of the Year (Daesang) award at the Melon Music Awards in 2011.