What does imprintable mean?

What does imprintable mean?

General 30 October 2019. Computer imprintable is the term used for an item that is printable using a desktop PC and printer, e.g. dot matrix, laser, inkjet or thermal transfer printer, and using material such as polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, vinyl, polyimide.

Is imprintable a word?

Capable of being imprinted.

What are examples of imprints?

An example of imprint is stamping your initials on a letter. The definition of an imprint is a mark left by something that’s been pressed into or stamped onto it, or the lasting effect or result of something. An example of an imprint is someone becoming an overeater after having been starved.

What does it mean when an animal imprints?

Imprinting refers to a critical period of time early in an animal’s life when it forms attachments and develops a concept of its own identity. Birds and mammals are born with a pre-programmed drive to imprint onto their mother. Imprinting has been used by mankind for centuries in domesticating animals and poultry.

Can you imprint on a person?

Positive sexual imprinting is a process by which individuals use the phenotype of their opposite-sex parent as a template for acquiring mates. Recent studies in humans have concluded that an imprinting-like mechanism influences human mate choice in facial traits.

What happens if a bird imprints on you?

What happens if a bird imprints on humans? If young birds imprint on humans, they will identify with humans for life. Ultimately, imprinted birds find themselves in a “gray area” – they cannot appropriately interact with either humans or their own species.

Do dogs imprint on owners?

“Puppies can imprint on people, as well,” said Burch. “The imprinting period for puppies is between three and 12 weeks old.” Reinforcement. Often dogs will follow their owners if their bond is paired over time with a great deal of reinforcement.

Can a man imprint on a woman?

An imprinting strategy comprises both an imprinting mode (maternal, paternal, or oblique) and a strength of choosiness. The same genotype may confer different imprinting strategies in males and females (e.g., males might imprint on mothers and females on fathers).

What does it mean when an animal imprints on you?

Imprinting is a form of learning in which an animal gains its sense of species identification. For example, precocial baby birds (such as ducks, geese, and turkeys) begin the process of imprinting shortly after hatching so that they follow the appropriate adult, providing them with safety.

Is imprinting permanent?

Interestingly, though, a bird sexually imprints on a species and not on an individual. For example, Lorenz found that when a bird sexually imprints on a human, the bird will try to mate with a human — but not the one who raised it. Second, Lorenz argued that imprinting was permanent and irreversible.

Do dogs pick a favorite person?

Dogs often choose a favorite person who matches their own energy level and personality. In addition, some dog breeds are more likely to bond with a single person, making it more likely that their favorite person will be their only person.

What is Velcro dog syndrome?

Velcro Dog syndrome is a phrase people use to describe the behaviour displayed by clingy breeds. It is not, however, full-blown separation anxiety and as a responsible pet owner, it’s a good idea to make sure you know the difference. So-called Velcro dogs will often: Follow you from room to room around the house.

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Is there such a thing as an imprint?

— Ira Winderman, sun-sentinel.com, 28 Apr. 2021 That’s especially true since the Marvel/Disney tandem has yet to put its imprint on the title that started it all, Fantastic Four, after underwhelming attempts under the cinematic stewardship of Fox.

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