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What does it mean to grub up?

What does it mean to grub up?

to dig something out of the ground, especially with your hands. Synonyms and related words. To dig.

What does grub mean in slang?

slang food; victuals. a person who works hard, esp in a dull plodding way. British informal a dirty child.

Where does the term grubs up come from?

The source is the old Germanic word meaning to dig (which is also the source of grave). The verb to grub came first in English, around 1300, and meant just what it still does: to break up the surface of the ground or to clear the ground of roots and stumps.

Is up for grabs meaning?

Available to anyone, as in Now that he’s resigned, his job is up for grabs. This term alludes to something being thrown in the air for anyone to grasp or catch. [

What does grubbing mean in construction?

Grubbing is defined as removing and disposing of all unwanted vegetative matter from underground, such as stumps, roots, buried logs, and other debris. Debris is defined as unusable or unwanted material produced by clearing and grubbing. 201.02 Materials. None. 201.03 Construction.

What is grub used for?

GRUB. GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader. Its function is to take over from BIOS at boot time, load itself, load the Linux kernel into memory, and then turn over execution to the kernel.

Is still up for grabs?

COMMON If something is up for grabs, it is available for anyone who is willing or able to compete for it.

What does the idiom he was on cloud nine mean?

very happy
informal. : very happy He’s been on cloud nine ever since she agreed to marry him.

Why is clearing and grubbing important?

Why Land Clearing & Grubbing is Crucial to Your Construction Project. Without a solid and ready foundation, the rest of the construction project moving forward will not be able to reach its full potential. There will be issues down the road that may arise, threatening the quality of work your team can produce.

What is it called when you clear land?

Land clearing, also known as lot clearing, is the process of removing trees, tree stumps, boulders, and debris from property for the purposes of property improvement, construction projects or land development.