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What does it mean to have your thesis published?

What does it mean to have your thesis published?

Publishing a thesis means that you will need to re-write and re-structure your thesis considerably. A book will reach a much wider audience, and general audiences, even academic ones, do not want to read extensive literature reviews in published works.

What degree is best for medical research?

The simplest formal degree requirement is minimum Masters or a Ph. D. For an outstanding career as a medical researcher, a Ph. D. will help you to go the distance in an academic career.

What job finds cures for diseases?

Medical scientists do research both to develop new treatments and to try to prevent health problems.

Who makes more money doctor or scientist?

As doctors earn more but there are few scientist who manages to make some innovation or invention that helps them to earn more money. As the royalty paid to them are quite high. Doctors earn more on an average and when it’s about individual then it all depends upon his knowledge and work that he has done.