What does it mean when someone says it goes without saying?

What does it mean when someone says it goes without saying?

said to mean that something is so obvious that it does not need to be said or explained. And of course it goes without saying that if there’s anything you should need while you’re out here, please don’t hesitate to call me here at the embassy. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

Is goes without saying rude?

Neither is innately rude, but could be rude for example if you said “It goes without saying that you can’t do that” after the person already did it. In that case you’re basically calling them an idiot.

Should not go without mention Meaning?

That means you are expected to do something without anybody mentioning it. For example: Tomorrow is your father’s birthday.

How do you respond to goes without saying?

You might respond with, “Of course – it goes without saying!” This is away to say “Yes, because we are such good friends, it’s CLEAR that I will help you!”

What does Won’t you mean?

So, “Help yourself to a drink, won’t you?” implies the opposite: you should help yourself to a drink. It is therefore a polite offer. “Help yourself to a drink, will you?” implies the opposite: you shouldn’t help yourself to a drink.

What does a bad turn mean?

do (someone) a bad turn To do something harmful or malicious to another person. The lawyer did us a bad turn in the end, charging us thousands of dollars while doing very little to actually settle the case.

What does eat your heart out mean in an idiom?

Feel bitter anguish, grief, worry, jealousy, or another strong negative emotion. For example, She is still eating her heart out over being fired, or Eat your heart out—my new car is being delivered today. This hyperbolic expression alludes to strong feelings gnawing at one’s heart. [

What does it mean to be thick as thieves?

: very close and secretive They were (as) thick as thieves for weeks, which made us wonder what they were doing.

What does she’s on fire mean?

If you say that someone is on fire, you mean they are very enthusiastic, excited, or passionate about something.

What is wont short for?

won’t. [ wohnt, wuhnt ] SHOW IPA. / woʊnt, wʌnt / PHONETIC RESPELLING. contraction of will not:He won’t see you now.

What does “that goes without saying” mean?

Goes without saying. The phrase is less excusable when it conceals the writer’s unwillingness to make a clear argument or to provide supporting details. In these cases, it reveals dishonesty or laziness. Elsewhere, the phrase just doesn’t do anything, and sentences can be made more concise with its removal.

What does go without saying mean?

go without saying (third-person singular simple present goes without saying) (idiomatic, impersonal) To be obvious, apparent, clear, or already established. It goes without saying that our volunteers love their work.

What is another word for goes without saying?

Synonyms for goes without saying include axiomatic, self-evident, accepted, given, understood, granted, absolute, apodictic, assumed and certain. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What does go or no go mean?

go no-go. Also found in: Wikipedia. The condition or state of operability of a component or system: “go,” functioning properly; or “no-go,” not functioning properly. Alternatively, a critical point at which a decision to proceed or not must be made.