What does New Age music sound like?

What does New Age music sound like?

New Age music is typically abstract and soothing, often incorporating natural sounds like wind, birds, or the sound of crashing ocean waves. Frequently, New Age music is intended to accompany meditation, massage therapy, or yoga. Atmosphere is generally emphasized over form or traditional notions of musicality.

What is the New Age genre?

World music
Ambient musicPsychedelic rockProgressive rock
New-age music/Parent genres

What is new age music today?

The role that New Age music played in massage therapy offices, clinics, and in meditation was still being filled by the same type of music, but it was now called any number of other names ranging from the aforementioned Celtic and Ambient to electroacoustic music.

Who invented New Age?

David Spangler
In 1970 American theosophist David Spangler moved to the Findhorn Foundation, where he developed the fundamental idea of the New Age movement.

Who is Yanni and what kind of music does he play?

Yanni, Greek-born American composer and keyboardist who was a leading figure in late 20th-century New Age music, an often entirely instrumental genre of popular music used for relaxation or meditation. His popular albums included Live at the Acropolis (1993). Learn more about Yanni’s life, music, and career.

What kind of music did Yanni Chryssomallis play?

Alternative Title: Yanni Chryssomallis. Yanni, in full Yanni Chryssomallis, (born November 14, 1954, Kalamata, Greece), Greek-born American composer and keyboardist who was a leading figure in late 20th-century New Age music—a characteristically nonarousing genre of popular music, often entirely instrumental and used for relaxation or meditation.

What did Yanni mean by the New Age movement?

Yanni, 2008. New Age movement, movement that spread through the occult and metaphysical religious communities in the 1970s and ʾ80s. It looked forward to a “New Age” of love and light and offered a foretaste of the coming era through personal transformation and healing.

What’s the net worth of Yanni the Greek musician?

He played at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Taj Mahal, in India, at the Amman Citadel in Jordan, among other places. The Greek most talented musician Yanni has an estimated net worth of more than $60 million as of 2020.