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What does Shajar mean in Urdu?

What does Shajar mean in Urdu?

The Urdu Word شجر Meaning in English is Tree. The other similar words are Darakht and Shajar. The synonyms of Tree include are Forest, Hardwood, Sapling, Seedling, Shrub, Softwood, Stock, Timber, Topiary, Wood, Woods and Pulp.

What is the meaning of Kari in English?

“kari” in English kari noun curry.

What does Afsana mean in Urdu?

The meaning of Afsana is Story. Arabic : فسنة, Bangla : আফসানা, Urdu : افسانہ, Hindi : अफसाना. It is commonly used for baby girls. Afsana is an Islamic name.

What does Bashar mean?

The Urdu Word بشر Meaning in English is Humans. The other similar words are Insani, Insaan Ka, Bashar and Bandah. The synonyms of Humans include are Being, Biped, Body, Character, Child, Creature, Individual, Life, Mortal, Personage, Soul and Wight.

What is the meaning of Sanjar?

Sanjar is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Persian originated name. Sanjar name meaning is Prince, Emperor, King and the lucky number associated with Sanjar is 7.

What does Kari mean in Sanskrit?

m. elephant [ “having a trunk” ]

What Afsana means?

The meaning of Afsana meaning story in Urdu : افسانہ, and derived from the Persian word Afsaneh: فسنة. Afsana is a Muslim girl’s name.

What’s the meaning of Afreen?

Afreen is a mainly Middle Eastern expression originating in the Arabic language used when admiring or showing amazement at something very beautiful or wonderful.

Is Bhasad a bad word?

Bhasad. When therecomes a problem, this term is highly used by delhities. It means a problem or trouble.

What is the meaning of Bashar in Islam?

Bashar is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Bashar name meanings is Man, mankind, Herald, bringer of glad tidings.

What does the name Melek mean?

Melek is the Turkish rendering of the Semitic word for “angel” (malak), and a given name and surname.

What does Kari Kari mean?

Word of the Day: Karikari (かりかり – カリカリ) Meaning: An onomatopoeic word that describes the state of being dry and crispy, like toast.