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What does Sockdologizing mean?

What does Sockdologizing mean?

Filters. (nonce word) Ambiguous term of abuse; scheming. adjective.

Is Our American Cousin still performed?

The London production of “Our American Cousin” is now sold out through its last performance on April 14. That’s the anniversary of the play’s most famous performance. The World in Words podcast is on Facebook and iTunes.

What play did Lincoln see when he died?

Our American Cousin that night at
On the morning of April 14, 1865 (Good Friday), actor John Wilkes Booth learned President Abraham Lincoln would attend a performance of the comedy Our American Cousin that night at Ford’s Theatre—a theatre Booth frequently performed at. He realized his moment had arrived.

What was the name of the play Lincoln was attending when he was assassinated?

Our American Cousin
What show was President Lincoln watching when he was shot, and what was it about? The play was Our American Cousin, a comedy and satire about American Life and Culture written by a playwright named Tom Taylor in the 1850s.

Is Catawampus a real word?

Catawampus, meaning “askew, diagonal,” is first recorded in the 1830–40s. Originally, catawampus also meant “fierce.” It’s thought to be an American colloquialism influenced by the cater- in cater-cornered (or for many of us, kitty-corner) and wampish, Scottish for “flopping about.”

What did Booth yell?

President Abraham Lincoln is shot in the head at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865. The assassin, actor John Wilkes Booth, shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis! (Ever thus to tyrants!) The South is avenged,” as he jumped onto the stage and fled on horseback.

Why did Lincoln’s guard leave his post?

Parker was charged with neglect of duty and tried on May 3, 1865, but no transcripts of the case were kept. The complaint was dismissed on June 2, 1865. Despite leaving his post the night Lincoln was shot, Parker was still assigned to work security at the White House.

What president got shot in a movie theater?

assassination of Abraham Lincoln, murderous attack on Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., on the evening of April 14, 1865. Shot in the head by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln died the next morning.

What does Bumfuzzle mean?

chiefly dialectal. : confuse, perplex, fluster.

When did you sockdologize Old Man Trap become popular?

“Well, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal, you sockdologizing old man-trap!” It was the biggest laugh line of the play, which speaks badly for 18th century humor. “Sockdologize” was a slang term which became very popular in the United States during the 1850’s and 1860’s.

Where did the word sockdologizing come from?

That word is “sockdologizing”. History buffs will recognize this word — it’s from the play Our American Cousin, the play that President Lincoln was watching when he was assassinate. Booth, an actor, was familiar with the play, and intentionally waited for a laugh line, where the audience would howl with delight, on which to fire his pistol.

What’s the meaning of the sockdologizing one liner?

That funky word “sockdologizing,” getting in the way of our modern understanding of this apparently hilarious one-liner. A few weeks ago, I tried to explain the joke to my class of college students. After delivering the line, prefaced with a warning that it’s the biggest laugh-line in the play, the students stared back with blank expressions.