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What does the pericardiacophrenic artery supply?

What does the pericardiacophrenic artery supply?

The pericardiacophrenic arteries supply blood to the anterior aspect of the fibrous pericardium, to the phrenic nerves along their common course, and to the anterosuperior aspect of the diaphragm, where the arteries terminate via anastomosis with the musculophrenic artery (also a branch of the internal thoracic artery) …

What are pericardiacophrenic vessels?

The pericardiacophrenic artery is a long slender branch of the internal thoracic artery. It accompanies the phrenic nerve, between the pleura and pericardium, to the diaphragm, to which it is distributed. It anastomoses with the musculophrenicand superior phrenic arteries.

Where does Pericardiophrenic artery come from?

Location. The pericardiacophrenic artery branches from the internal thoracic artery. It accompanies the phrenic nerve between the pleura and pericardium, to the diaphragm. This is where both the artery and the phrenic nerve are distributed.

What is a musculophrenic artery?

The musculophrenic artery runs along the costal slips of the diaphragm. It supplies the 7th, 8th and 9th intercostal spaces with paired anterior intercostal arteries, as well as fine branches that supply the superior part of the anterior abdominal wall.

Is there a main artery in your arm?

Here’s the main artery, the axillary artery. It emerges from beneath pectoralis minor surrounded by major nerves. As it passes into the arm its name changes. From here on down, it’s the brachial artery.

Which blood vessels supply the ovaries?

The ovarian artery is a direct branch of the abdominal aorta. The ovarian artery supplies oxygenated blood to the ovary, fallopian tube, and uterus. In the myometrium, the uterine artery further branches out to the arcuate artery, radial artery, spiral artery, and basal artery.

What is the pericardium?

The pericardium is a membrane, or sac, that surrounds your heart. It holds the heart in place and helps it work properly. Problems with the pericardium include. Pericarditis – an inflammation of the sac.

What is the Endothoracic fascia?

The endothoracic fascia forms a connective tissue layer between the inner aspect of the chest wall and the costal parietal pleura.

What is the blood supply of the diaphragm?

The blood supply to the diaphragm is from the superior phrenic, musculophrenic, inferior phrenic, pericardiacophrenic, and lower internal intercostal arteries. The superior phrenic arteries arise from the thoracic aorta.

Which pair of arteries is found below the twelfth lowest pair of ribs?

Posterior Intercostal Arteries 6-11 and 6-13, A). The artery that courses below the twelfth rib is known as the subcostal artery because it lies inferior to the twelfth rib and not between two ribs. The first two intercostal arteries arise from the highest intercostal artery.

Which finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart?

The fourth finger of the left hand, believed to possess a vein that runs securely to the heart, is the finger we here in the US wear our wedding rings on. The vein of love or more amorously called the Vena Amoris, is from ancient times and is thought to originate with Eqypt.