What does the Russian say in Rocky 4?

What does the Russian say in Rocky 4?

At the end of the Drago/Rocky Bout… Rocky gives a speech where he says, “Today there are 2 people killing each other but I guess it’s better than 20 Million people”. The Russian translator however translates this as “It’s better than 20 Million Dollars”.

Did they really go to Russia in Rocky 4?

The second half of Rocky IV looks like it was all shot in Soviet Russia, but with America and the USSR being in the middle of The Cold War at the time, the production team had to find another location to shoot the final fight between Rocky and Ivan Drago. This is where Vancouver’s Agrodome came into the picture.

Does Rocky beat the Russian in Rocky 4?

Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed to the ring in a boxing match against a Russian Boxer named Ivan Drago. Drago is too strong for Creed, and unfortunately kills him in his match.

What song is playing when Rocky is training in Russia?

Hearts On Fire
in Russia, Rocky is training for his fight with Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer (or supervillian?) The song is Hearts On Fire by John Cafferty.

Was Rocky on steroids?

Sylvester Stallone Though he’s never admitted to using steroids, there’s a very distinct difference in Sylvester Stallone’s physique between the first and fifth Rocky movies—birthing rumors about whether or not the actor used steroids to juice up.

Is Ivan Drago a bad guy?

Ivan Drago (Russian: Иван Драго) is a major antagonist of the Rocky film series. He appears as the central antagonist in the 1985 film Rocky IV and the main antagonist in the 2018 film Creed II. He was a former Soviet military captain and amateur boxing champion bent on defeating Rocky Balboa.

Is Rocky 4 the best?

In its own distinct way, Rocky IV holds a special place in history. It’s not the best movie, didn’t revitalize the franchise and would never be confused as high art. Instead, it’s a guilty pleasure, silly yet unquestionably entertaining, and classically steeped in the ’80s era in which it was created.

Why does Rocky look different in Rocky 3?

Because Rocky’s life is so different in this film from the first two films, Sylvester Stallone wanted this film to look different from the first two, so as to reflect the changes in the character’s life.

What happened to Ivan Drago after he lost to Rocky?

After his loss to Rocky, Drago was disgraced by the USSR and Ludmilla left him to raise their son, Viktor, on his own. Following the end of the Cold War, Drago was forced to move to Ukraine, where he lived a modest life while relentlessly training Viktor to be an even more formidable boxer than he was.

How can I get in shape like Rocky?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings: Chest, Back, and Abs

  1. Incline Bench Press (4 sets, 8-10 reps)
  2. Dumbbell Flys (4 sets, 10-12 reps)
  3. Close-grip Bench Press (5 sets, 6-8 reps)
  4. Wide-grip Chin Ups (6 sets, 8-10 reps)
  5. Bent-over One-arm Lateral Raises (4 sets, 8-10 reps)
  6. Close-grip Seated Rows (4 sets, 10-12 reps)

Did Stallone take steroids for Rambo?

Sylvester Stallone says he used human growth hormone, though not steroids, to get in shape for “Rambo,” which opened on Friday, and defends its use in an article on Time magazine’s Web site ( Mr. Stallone, 61, says he gained 41 pounds to play Rambo by using prescription testosterone.

Why did rocky decide to fight Drago in the Soviet Union?

Enraged, Rocky decides to fight Drago in the Soviet Union to avenge the death of his friend and defend the honor of his country. Critical reception was mixed, but the film was a huge success at the box office, earning $300 million. This film marked Carl Weathers’ final appearance in the series.

Who was the Russian boxer that killed Rocky Balboa?

In the film, the Soviet Union and its top boxer make an entrance into professional boxing with their best athlete Ivan Drago, who initially wants to take on world champion Rocky Balboa. Rocky’s close friend Apollo Creed decides to fight him instead but is fatally beaten and killed in the ring by Drago.

Who was the lead singer of Europe in Rocky IV?

Europe’s hit “The Final Countdown”, written earlier in the decade by lead singer Joey Tempest, is often incorrectly stated as being featured in the film due to its similarity to DiCola’s “Training Montage.”. However, Europe’s track was not released as a single until late 1986, after Rocky IV’s release.

Where did they film the fight scene in Rocky IV?

The small farm where Rocky lived and trained was in Jackson Hole, and the Grand Teton National Park was used for filming many of the outdoor sequences in the Soviet Union. The PNE Agrodome at Hastings Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, served as the location of Rocky’s Soviet bout.