What does Ward mean in Houston?

What does Ward mean in Houston?

The ward system, a precursor to today’s City Council districts, was a common political tool of the early 19th century, and is still used in some American cities. When the system was at its peak, the city had six wards, from the first to the sixth.

Where are the wards in Houston TX?

Your Guide to the Six Wards of Houston

  • Woodland Heights. Woodland Heights is a desirable, family-friendly neighborhood characterized by Victorian homes, local shops, and bike trails along the winding White Oak Bayou.
  • Second Ward.
  • Third Ward.
  • Museum District.
  • EaDo.
  • Midtown.
  • Montrose.
  • Northside.

How many wards are in Houston TX?

When Houston was incorporated in 1837, its founders decided to split the city into wards. Originally, there were four wards. However, today, there are six distinct Houston wards, each with a different culture and vibe.

Why is it called 3rd Ward?

When Houston was first incorporated in 1837, it was divided into four quadrants or wards. The southeast quadrant was named Third Ward. It was originally nicknamed the Silk Stocking District, as it was not home to any railroads.

What zip code is 3rd Ward Houston?

Greater Third Ward Boundary Map

Neighborhood Name Greater Third Ward
City Houston
County Harris
Zip Code 77004
Area Code 281 / 346 / 713 / 832

What Ward is U of H in?

Third Ward
Third Ward – University of Houston.

What zip code is Third Ward?

Why is it called the Third Ward?

What side of Houston is 5th Ward?

The Fifth Ward, a musically rich neighborhood located east of downtown Houston, is bounded by Buffalo Bayou on the south, Lockwood Drive on the east, Liberty Road on the north, and Jensen Drive on the west. The site was sparsely inhabited before the Civil War.

Where are the four wards of Houston located?

Though the surveyors chose the Harris County Courthouse as the geographical center of Houston, the ward boundaries were formed by two axes converging at the corner of Main and Congress Streets. These resulted in four pie-shaped wards, almost identical in size, numbering clockwise from the northwest quadrant.

Why was the Fifth Ward added to Houston?

The Fifth Ward came about 30 years later to accommodate the city’s growing population, and the Sixth Ward followed 10 years after that. While some modern neighborhoods are clearly bounded by the original wards, others are split into multiple. Downtown, for instance, was once part of every single ward.

Where is the second ward of Houston located?

Second Ward aka Segundo Barrio exists in part today. Historically, the neighborhood stretched from Downtown to Magnolia Park and was flanked by Buffalo Bayou and Harrisburg Boulevard. Those borders, minus Downtown’s portion, still exist today.

Who is the Third Ward Mayor of Houston?

The city operates the Third Ward Multi-Service Center at 3611 Ennis Street. The city multi-service centers provide several services such as child care, programs for elderly residents, and rental space. The Third Ward is Houston City Council part of council District D and is represented by Dwight Boykins.