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What drug is the song White Rabbit about?

What drug is the song White Rabbit about?

The caterpillar is sitting on a psychedelic mushroom smoking opium!” She also argued that the song was about the importance of education: ‘Feed your head,’ the rousing climax to White Rabbit, was intended as a call to liberate brains as much as the senses.

What does remember what the dormouse said mean?

The main part of the title, “What the Dormouse Said,” is a reference to a line at the end of the 1967 Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit”: “Remember what the dormouse said: feed your head.” which is itself a reference to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Who Sings One pill makes you larger?

Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit/Artists

Who wrote the lyrics to White Rabbit?

Jefferson Airplane
Grace Slick
White Rabbit/Lyricists

What does a white bunny mean?

White rabbits are symbolic of love, tenderness, and inner power. Although rabbits are considered lucky animals, white rabbits in particular are symbolic of good luck and impending opportunity. In fact, white rabbits are considered so lucky in European cultures that it’s transformed into a kind of blessing.

Did the Dormouse really say Feed your head?

Q: Did the Dormouse actually say “Feed your head”, like they sing in Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit”? A: No, The Dormouse never says that in the book, nor in Disney’s movie.

Did the Dormouse actually say Feed your head?

Is the Mad Hatter on drugs?

The Mad Hatter is crazy in all ways and appears to be on crystal meth. A lot of the characters especially the smaller animals like the mice appear to be drowsy and appear to be smoking marijuana. There is another scene where Alice is eating mushrooms. The caterpillar is smoking the tobacco hookah in the movie.

Did the Dormouse say Feed your head?

What does chasing the rabbit mean?

What does hunting have to do with training?” For those of you who are not privileged to be either from the country or the South, the term “chasing rabbits” simply means going off on a tangent—in our case, in a teaching situation. It’s a common technique, used by sly students everywhere.

What is snow bunny slang for?

Snow bunny begins in the 1950s as a slang term for a novice skier, usually in reference to a woman. By the 2000s, snow bunny began to refer to any attractive woman, regardless of whether or not they were in Aspen. In black slang, snow bunny specifically became a term for a white woman.

What does a dead rabbit in your yard mean?

Spontaneity: Try to be more Spontaneous But a dead rabbit may symbolize lack of spontaneity. You may be starting to feel like you’ve gotten old and lost that playfulness of youth. But this dead rabbit is a reminder that you need to get that spontaneity back. You’re not too old to be spontaneous.

What kind of music did Surrealistic Pillow Play?

The first nationwide hit album from a San Francisco band, Surrealistic Pillow was able to carry over the psychedelic and free-spirited Haight-Ashbury counterculture to the rest of the country. Its original psychedelic rock sound has cemented its status as a quintessential album of that genre.

How tall is Alice in White Rabbit Song?

“White Rabbit”. One pill makes you larger. And one pill makes you small. And the ones that mother gives you. Don’t do anything at all. Go ask Alice. When she’s ten feet tall. And if you go chasing rabbits.

Where did the song White Rabbit come from?

One of the most iconic songs of ’60s psychedelic rock, “White Rabbit” uses imagery from Alice In Wonderland to illustrate the surreal effects of taking hallucinogenic drugs. “White Rabbit” was written by San Francisco-based singer Grace Slick while she was still a member of her original band, The Great Society.

When did Grace Slick write the song White Rabbit?

“White Rabbit” is one of Grace Slick’s earliest songs, written during either late 1965 or early 1966.