What episode do Lex Luthor and flash switch bodies?

What episode do Lex Luthor and flash switch bodies?

The Great Brain Robbery
The Great Brain Robbery. Lex Luthor and the Flash accidentally switch bodies.

Does Lex Luthor have a photographic memory?

8 His photographic memory Lex Luthor prides himself on a photographic ability to recall facts and details. Images are held so vividly in his brain, he can replay scenes from his past on command. This allows him to memorize complex scientific processes, but also serves him well in combat.

What happened to Lex Luthor in Batman Beyond?

After being infected by parts of Brainiac, Lex Luthor’s body was fully restored to health and artificially enhanced from within by the Kryptonian supercomputer. The result increased Luthor’s strength significantly (making him much stronger than The Question and the Batman) and increased his intellect.

Why is Lex Luthor dying?

Lex died when Oliver used Winslow Schott’s bomb to murder him in a nasty truck explosion. Lex’s clone gets choked by Clark. However, “Lex” died because of the clone’s mutated body. It was revealed that Earth-2 Lex Luthor was killed by his adopted brother Clark Luthor.

What did Lex Luthor do in Supergirl?

After Leviathan was defeated by the Superfriends, Lex began his final battle against the heroes, resulting in Lex imprisoning Supergirl within the Phantom Zone. After the battle, Lex was arrested and once again stood trial, his crimes exposed to the whole world to know.

Who would win the Joker or Lex Luthor?

Unlike Luthor, the Joker would be willing to do absolutely anything to win in a hand-to-hand contest to the death. If it meant tearing his own arm off to emerge victorious, the Joker would likely do it, while Luthor’s drive to take down his enemy would be wrapped up in his own sense of pride and self-preservation.

Who would win in a fight Lex Luthor or Batman?

In a fistfight, Batman wins 10/10. With acess to standard gear, Lex should win 8/10, as his suit goes toe-to-toe with superman. With acess to their company’s funds and whatnot, I think Lex has the bigger one, so he can pull more out of it than Bruce.

Are the Justice Lords evil?

Origins. Like their counterparts, the Justice Lords was formed by seven superheroes. They fought evil and villainous teams. Their dimensions diverged when Lex Luthor became president and killed Flash who they all considered family despite him annoying them with his antics.

Why does Lex become evil?

Lex Was Split Into Good & Evil By Black Kryptonite Some fans have theorized that what really made Lex into a villain on Smallville was the season 4 episode, “Onyx.” In this episode, Lex was split into good and evil halves by a piece of black Kryptonite.