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What episode do they retake DS9?

What episode do they retake DS9?

Sacrifice of Angels
“Sacrifice of Angels” is the sixth episode from the sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 130th episode overall. The episode’s plot details the efforts of the United Federation of Planets to retake space station Deep Space Nine from the forces of the Dominion.

Why was Deep Space Nine Cancelled?

That was one of the reasons it eventually ended. As the documentary What We Left Behind reveals, the show was perceived to suffer from “middle child” syndrome, enduring rather callous indifference from the fans and struggling against the studio establishment that didn’t want it pushing too many boundaries.

Will there be a season 8 of Deep Space Nine?

While the Defiant sustained heavy damage, it did not blow up and was still salvagable. Wow, thank goodness they DIDN’T get an 8th season . That is some crappy plotline. Read the DS9 novels instead— Ben comes back much much much sooner, has a daughter with Kasidy, and Nog and O’Brien share adventures.

Can I skip Deep Space Nine?

There are a large number of standalone episodes that can be skipped, but most of it really is worth watching (FYI: I counted episodes that were split in syndication as separate episodes). Episodes skipped: 95 of 175. EDIT: Here’s an alternate list by Social-Iconoclast!

Why did the Cardassians switch sides?

The Battle of Cardassia (also known as the Invasion of Cardassia) was the final battle of the Dominion War, fought in late 2375. In reprisal, the Dominion began systematically punishing the insurgency by launching attacks against civilians, which ultimately led to the Cardassian military switching sides.

Who played the female founder in Deep Space Nine?

Salome Jens
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. Salome Jens (born May 8, 1935) is an American dancer and actress of stage, film and television. She is perhaps best known for portraying the Female Changeling on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the 1990s.

Why does Sisko hate Picard?

Personal life. Sisko was first married to Jennifer Sisko, with whom he had a son, Jake. As seen in the pilot episode “Emissary”, Sisko harbored a deep resentment towards Captain Jean-Luc Picard for years because it was Picard, as Locutus of Borg, who led the Borg attack against the Federation at the Battle of Wolf 359.

Does nog leave DS9?

Nog receives a commission as ensign shortly before Starfleet retakes Deep Space Nine during the Dominion War (“Favor the Bold”). In the height of the Dominion War, Nog loses his leg due to a battle injury (“The Siege of AR-558”).

What left behind DS9?

What We Left Behind – Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a documentary, taking a retrospective look at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, its influence, meaning, and legacy. The documentary was produced by 455 Films and directed by Ira Steven Behr and David Zappone.

Is Deep Space 9 The best Star Trek?

No one would have been surprised if Deep Space Nine had failed. And while it’s true that it never reached the ratings highs of The Next Generation, DS9 proved popular amongst fans and critics alike, with numerous pundits citing it as the best Star Trek series outright.

What should I watch after Deep Space 9?

Star Trek: Voyager (Season 6-7) Voyager continues on after the conclusion of Deep Space Nine, acting as the only running Star Trek series until the premiere of Enterprise in 2001.

What happens on Star Trek Deep Space Nine?

After forming an attack plan on the Dominion, Sisko relinquishes command of the Defiant to Dax after accepting a promotion. On DS9, the resistance faces discovery when Odo links with another changeling. Error: please try again. Sisko mounts an attack to re-take DS9, while Rom faces charges as an enemy of the Dominion state. Error: please try again.

Why did Sisko attack ROM in Star Trek Deep Space Nine?

Sisko mounts an attack to re-take DS9, while Rom faces charges as an enemy of the Dominion state. Error: please try again. The Federation attacks DS9 in hopes of keeping the mine field at the wormhole intact, while the Dominion waits entrance to the Alpha Quadrant from the other side. Error: please try again.

Which is DS9 episode had the best battle scene? asked fans “Which of these DS9 episodes had the best battle scene?” – and the results are in. “ Sacrifice of Angels ” notched 24% of the vote, besting “ What You Leave Behind ,” which tallied 22%.

Who is still alive in Star Trek Deep Space Nine?

A coded message from the Gamma Quadrant leads Garak to believe his mentor, Enabran Tain, is still alive. He and Worf seek him out, only to discover something much worse: a Dominion invasion fleet poised to attack the Alpha Quadrant.