What flag says Mayotte?

What flag says Mayotte?

Flag of France
The Flag of Mayotte is the Flag of France, as it does not possess any official flag….Flag and coat of arms of Mayotte.

Flag of France
Adopted 15 February 1794

What is the official flag of Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe, an overseas region and department of France located in the Caribbean, has no flag with official status other than the French national flag.

Does French Guiana have a flag?

The flag of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America, is the French flag. The local government use a white flag with the silhouette of the French Guiana map and four arrows that reference the Maroon people.

What language is spoken in Mayotte?

Mayotte/Official languages

French is the official language, but most of the people speak Comorian (closely allied to Swahili); there are some villages along the Mayotte coast in which a Malagasy dialect is the main language.

Where is Mayotte?

Comoros archipelago
Mayotte is an island of 250,000 people that is part of the Comoros archipelago off the coast of Africa. The Comoros was a French colony until 1975 when it declared independence.

What is the capital of Mayotte?

Mayotte is itself a small archipelago of 376 km2 made up of two main islands, Grande-Terre and Petite-Terre. The population of Mayotte is concentrated in an urban area: Mamoudzou, the capital city of the department.

What is Guadeloupe’s motto?

Strings of quartz, meant to represent the lost souls of the slave trade, crawl up its black-box-like exterior, embodying what has become the memorial’s unofficial motto: Memory Inspires the Future. Guadeloupe’s colonial history began when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island in 1493.

Is Dominica a flag?

The flag of Dominica was officially adopted on November 3, 1978. The yellow represents the original inhabitants, black the fertile soil, and white indicates the pure water. The centered stars symbolize the ten island parishes. The Sisserou Parrot is indigenous to the island.

What is the national animal of French Guiana?

The deer is the national animal of French Guiana.

Is Mayotte poor?

The poorest of all the 101 French départements, Mayotte consistently records the highest levels of unemployment and living costs, together with the greatest number of people living below the poverty line and the lowest average incomes.

Is Mayotte a rich country?

The official currency in Mayotte is the euro. In 2019, the GDP of Mayotte at market exchange rates was €2.64 billion (US$2.96 bn).