What goes with a serving platter?

What goes with a serving platter?

Platters can be used to serve anything from turkey, ham and steaks to simpler items like sandwiches, crudités or cookies.

What are the best serving trays?

13 Best Serving Trays To Buy

  1. Rectangle Bamboo Serving Tray by Greenco.
  2. Silver Rectangle Glossy Serving Tray by Home Redefined.
  3. Plastic Serving Tray by US Acrylic.
  4. Compartment Plastic Serving Tray by US Acrylic.
  5. Lipper International 1165 Acacia Curved Serving Tray.
  6. Round Food Serving Tray by New Star Foodservice.

What is a serving tray called?

platter. noun. a large plate used for serving food.

What is oval platter used for?

A large oval platter to serve a roast. A small oval platter to serve chops or fish. A deep bowl, approximately 5 to 6 inches deep, to serve soft foods, fruit salad, and deep-dish pie. A shallow bowl, approximately 1 inch deep, to hold firm vegetables, fruit, rolls, crackers, and cheese.

How many serving pieces do you need?

You’ll need at least one or two serving pieces if you plan to have a group of friends or family over for dinner. As you become more and more comfortable in your hostess role, you might find that you’ll want to add to your serving piece collection; however, you can definitely keep it simple at first.

What is the average size of a serving tray?

13″ X 19″
The interior dimensions of our Classic Serving Trays are 13″ X 19″, which is the most common placemat size. This is no coincidence— we designed the tray to hold one entire place setting.

What is the difference between a tray and a platter?

As nouns the difference between tray and platter is that tray is (obsolete) trouble; annoyance; anger or tray can be a small, typically rectangular or round, flat, rigid object upon which things are carried while platter is a tray for serving foods or platter can be one who plats/plaits or braids.

What type of tray should coffee be served on?

Wooden Serving Trays A good wooden serving tray will be excellent for serving drinks, and it will also work well for serving items such as soup. You can even use some wooden serving trays as makeshift tables when you are in a pinch. This wooden serving tray is really nice and would work well for serving coffee or tea.

What are the types of platter?

Types of Cold Platters

  • Below are some types of platters you could consider.
  • Cheese. Your guests will be sure to find a cheese they like if you have three to four different types of cheese.
  • Fruit.
  • Seafood.
  • Meats or Charcuterie.
  • Antipasto.
  • Crudités.
  • Bread and dip.